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This was *adorable* and you can tell a lot of effort and love for Edeleth went into it <3 The dialogue really sums up what makes the pair so nice, and I loved the little animations, they were such a nice detail!! Thank you for making this aah

oh that sounds fair, tysm!!

would it be okay to use this for a commercial project with credits? thank you so much for making this nonetheless!

Finally finished collecting all the recipes and endings! This was a really cozy, nice game with a great sense of humour. The main minigame was really fun and it really compelled you to get all the dishes and endings :) All in all it was a pretty accurate representation of the college experience, but the banter between the characters was really funny and heartwarming at the same time. All of the characters have a lot of personality and it's great!!

Looking forward to more games like these :D

This was a very interesting, well-crafted game. <3 The plot was very engaging and the atmosphere was great, though I also found J to be a hilarious and refreshing character considering the kind of game this was. Some of her comments almost made me laugh out loud and I would love to know more about her, haha. Good job! This was impressive and even more so considering you had such a short span of time to make it :D

No formo parte de los creadores del juego pero estoy bastante segura de que la batería de arriba a la derecha del menú va subiendo a medida que lees el diálogo del juego <3

aaaaah this game is so adorable!! <3 i loved getting to know all the girls, they're all so cute and i adore how they all have their own unique quirks and play styles. the art is also super pretty and the music themes for each girl reflect their personalities so well!!! i'm looking forward to future projects!! >< 

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Yeah Spanish is very gendered sadly - Using elle instead of él and ella and using -e instead of -o and -a for gendered words are kinda a recent thing, it's not accepted officialy yet in the language but a lot of Hispanic non-binary people go with that, especially online :0 Thank you for replying! <3

Is there a reason Trick uses she/her pronouns in the Spanish version of the game? afaik the nonbinary spanish speaking community is using elle as an equivalent for they/them :0 I know the person who translated the game didn't mean wrong but it made feel a bit sad because i know that you feel umconfortable with people using she/her pronouns for Trick;;