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The game was a great experience! The story so far is very interesting and it has a lot of potential! I really liked the atmosphere and the visual in the bunker, btw what's up with the dark room that has no door? I thought that something might jump on me! :P Also idk if it was possible to see the content of the film. All and all, this was a wonderful short game project that anyone should try this! I hope to see a full version of the game in the near future. Great work dev! :) 

A very interesting short Scifi game with very cool graphics unexpected ending.. ehm! :P Great work Dev's! :D If anyone is interested, here's my gameplay:

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A unique game with a wonderful story! Great visuals, colours and a lovely transition of the music from side to side. You should definitely try it! :D I had a great experience! So, thank you for that Dev's! ;) You did an amazing work and it is, in my opinion, a real gem! Keep up the good work! If anyone is interested, here's my gameplay, BUT GO AND PLAY IT FIRST! This game is really worth your time, trust me. :)

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Hello everyone! I played the demo and i loved it! I enjoyed every moment in the game and i really liked the transition of the music as you go around to places! Perfect visual and i really think the cartoonist characters with the 3d enviroment is a great way to make the game more special and artistic funny! :)  Great work Dev's you got all a big thumbs up from me and plz keep it up! :) (I'm already waiting for the full version) and if ofc you have the time, check my gameplay.

Thanks again!

Best Regards


A short but entertaining concept. The controls are a bit weird, sometimes the jumping doesn't occur when you press the spacebar, as if there's an internal cooldown to it. It would be nice if the jump's cooldown would display so we can have some feedback on when we are able to use it or not. I really wish there were more ways to accomplish freedom; i'd definitely play more levels if you guys ever consider making a longer version of this! I can already see the potential of this game. The entertainment value is high and more levels, a diversity of environments and maybe ever some unlockable abilities (time reverse, anyone?:D) would make its replayability greater. I can't wait to see more from you, guys! Keep up the good work! If anyone is interested, here's my gameplay:

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The game's goal is clear: find your long lost treasure. But after playing it, I feel like there's a much deeper message to be found. What really matters is the journey and not actually finding your destination. That's being translated in the game by the voyage our pirate protagonist has, a journey that is ever changing every time you replay it. And, for me, that's an allegory for life. We keep setting goals and lose ourselves in the endless search for ways to achieve them. In the process we also miss all the amazing adventures we're having, because we're so busy anticipating our destination. That's at least my interpretation of the game.

Gameplay-wise, I could see myself play more of this, if you, kind developer, have plans to extend it that is. It's a classic concept but I really enjoyed the visualization and the way the random enemies could make it or break it for you. In some parts it reminded me of Sid Meier's pirates (and oh boy, do i love that game!), so I'd love to see more of this game in the future! I have a few ideas as to what I'd like to see in your game, but i'll keep them for when/if you decide to work on it more.

All in all, a great jam game, you did an amazing work and it is, in my opinion, a real gem! I recorded a gameplay of "A Pirate's End" in case anyone is interested:

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I created a gameplay video of Raft (1.04), I tried to make the most out of it and embroider it with a relevant story and some humor. I hope I made your game justice! :) Keep up the awesome work!