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I got a chance to walk around and I really like the concept. It definitely needs polish, but that's not unexpected. Great concept and it's pretty solid even as it is. Thanks!

OS X 10.11.4, MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013).

I thought I tried different resolutions and graphics qualities, but apparently not, because it seems to work when I change both. I'm playing the game in windowed mode, also. The game appears to not function at 1024x768 with fantastic graphics, but seems to work with 800x600 with simple graphics. At least I can play it now. Thanks! Maybe some of these details can lead to a patch if you're up for it.

I'm running on a Mac. I used the desktop application to install and launch this game. The game launches and runs and I can see the title screen, then the pre-game cutscene, but after that I just see a static image.

Here is what I see: (The third screen is the place I'm stuck)

This looks really cool and interesting, but I couldn't get it to work.

It looks really nice and all, but I was just a little confused. Is the whole game two rooms or is there a puzzle to getting past the second room. It seems like a fun concept and I'd love to see it developed into a novella game.

Somewhat confusing at first, but simple and short. I liked it. Thanks.

Definitely some interesting mechanics and gameplay. Very simplistic but fun, especially since these style of games are not normally the kind I play.

This game is really cute. It's really short but I had a lot of fun. I really think it's about the right length.

Unfortunately, the game was unplayable because the fps was really low (looked like 5-10 FPS), even on the lowest settings and resolution on my 2 year old top-end mac. It's not very obvious you have to click on the text at the beginning and the selection indicator is a bit subtle, in my opinion. Also, some of the text descriptions were overlapping and were unreadable.

Looks interesting though. I was able to walk around the island for a moment before I got frustrated with the FPS.