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Hey! Fantastic feedback here, thanks a lot!

I was aware of some of the issues you spoke about here, the major being the movement system. Air control will be implemented in the next update, along with more levels. Glad you pointed out other issues too, I'll look into them.

I modelled everything but the carrots and the bunny in this "demo" but I also resorted to third party creations fo the update in the works.

There will also be enemies attack animations and power ups ( I'll take your suggestion straight and turn the red/ gold carrots into power ups) at some point of development. And the bushes with eyes are supposed to "talk" in later stages and give advices to players.

Hello all!

I'm an student living in Scotland and this is my first published game :). I'm currently looking for feedback about Carrotland Adventures, a cell shading 3d platformer. The game is being actively developed in my free time.

The final version will be a mix of Crash Bandicoot and Mario 64, mixing one-way scrolling levels with open areas.

The next step in development is adding enemies and an attack animation for the bunny ( Mr Feng).


Link: https://serpenteinteractive.itch.io/carrotland-adv...