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Played some more, still wasn't able to complete it but had fun! :) Thanks again.

I do, wish you all the best  :)

Thanks for making this, really enjoying it! :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it and sharing! :) Only feedback would be that a little more clarity in how it hears/detects you (other than visually) would improve things as it's a little hard to tell what you're doing wrong at times :))

Thanks for this, really enjoyed it! Good ending was tough to get but cool, appreciate how different the endings are :)

Loop community · Created a new topic Enjoyed your game!

Thanks for sharing this, enjoyed it :)

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed this! :)

Thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it! :)

Thanks again man :) Hope you'll make more but do what makes you happy!

Loving this so far, thanks so much! :)

Thanks for making this! I really struggle to find stuff that appeals to me for Christmas games but this was great! :) 

thanks for the reply, glad it's not just me then :) I'm using the same, Windows 7, 64 bit.

Thanks Scruncho, was really nice to get to see your work! :) Love this part of small YT and indie games so much.

thanks :)


For some reason this crashes for me after the first "I remember this place" lines every time :( Not running in window mode. 

Thanks again, really enjoyed it, wish you all the best going forwards! :)

Really enjoyed this, gameplay was one of a kind and yet felt totally natural! Very memorable :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, absolutely loved it! :) Only thing I'd say is that it might benefit from a little more clarity on the conditions under which the monsters see you and if you can sneak etc. That's a minor thing though :)

Thanks man :) Sorry for the super slow reply,  I honestly never expected anyone to reply never mind you yourself! I know I'm kind of an idiot but I genuinely enjoyed it so thanks again :)

Thanks very much for making this and sharing it :) I had a blast with it. The simplicity of it to me is its greatest strength, something the likes of Hello Neighbour completely forgot. I'm excited to see it keep growing.  Take care man and all the best :)

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Finished it and loved it. Thanks a ton, hope you'll make more :) Embedding seems broken so here's a link

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I'm really enjoying this, thankyou so much for making it free too, hope you'll make more! :)