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this was a lot of fun, thanks so much for sharing it! :) Really looking forward to Choo-Choo Charles too.

Really enjoyed this, thanks so much for sharing it with us! :) Wish you all the best in whatever you do next.

wow that's very kind, never heard that before thankyou! ;o Was really good fun, I love memorable one off adventures like this that make you think, so thanks to you again :)

Had a lot of fun with this, thanks so much for sharing it with us! :)

This was really, really good, thankyou so much for sharing it! :) Recorded it for a video on a whim with no idea what I was going into hah, very memorable!

:) Ah ok, had a feeling it might be complicated. Well you're doing great at it so wish you all the best going forward.

thanks so much for making this and sharing it, really enjoyed it! :) Someone in comments mentioned it'd be amazing in VR, got to agree, although I have no idea how big a task that would be.

ah that's cool to read! Interesting to hear you saying about Half Life yourself, I really got that vibe from it before even reading this :)

Had a lot of fun with this, thanks for sharing it with us! :) The more I look back on ti the more questions I have too, very mysterious.

Thanks for sharing this with us, really enjoyed it! :)

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I really enjoyed this, was brilliant! Thanks for making it and sharing with us, really hope you'll make more of the series! :))

thanks again for making and sharing it :)

ok thanks :)

Can't seem to get this working on Windows 7 sadly, always get an "entry point not found" error.

Thanks for sharing this with us, really enjoyed it! :) Didn't expect it to be so scary honestly, the monster concept and its apparent ability to show up in random places makes it properly terrifying. Would love to see more even if I'd probably regret getting myself into it as I played it hah.

Absolutely loved this, thankyou! I never got to play the first one yet so this was totally blind and just jumping in but I really enjoyed it. I feel like it's a very positive thing for a game to be that sort of "accessible", so well done :) 

Thanks so much for sharing this, been really, really sick and this  helped me to escape for a bit :) Really respect your choice of charity too. All the best :))

Same problem as a few others, Walk launches as a small window sadly and alt+enter or F11 don't work sadly :(

Hey, we talked on Youtube but wanted to post on the the wall for posterity or whatever that word is hah . Thanks again! :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making and sharing it :) I'm too dumb to get past floor 10 but that's on me hah.

thanks for sharing this, enjoyed it :) 

thanks so much for sharing this, had a lot of fun :) Couldn't get the game out of the box in the end though hah.

Thanks for making and sharing this, was impressed by how good and scary it was! :)

This was amazing, thankyou so much for making and sharing it! :)

was a pleasure, wish you all the best :)

Really enjoyed the demo, thankyou for making it :)

thanks for making it, wish you all the best :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it! :) I'm pretty awful at it hah but I really respect what you did!

Played some more, still wasn't able to complete it but had fun! :) Thanks again.

I do, wish you all the best  :)

Thanks for making this, really enjoying it! :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it and sharing! :) Only feedback would be that a little more clarity in how it hears/detects you (other than visually) would improve things as it's a little hard to tell what you're doing wrong at times :))

Thanks for this, really enjoyed it! Good ending was tough to get but cool, appreciate how different the endings are :)

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed this! :)

Thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it! :)

Thanks again man :) Hope you'll make more but do what makes you happy!

Loving this so far, thanks so much! :)

Thanks for making this! I really struggle to find stuff that appeals to me for Christmas games but this was great! :) 

thanks for the reply, glad it's not just me then :) I'm using the same, Windows 7, 64 bit.