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Hey, we talked on Youtube but wanted to post on the the wall for posterity or whatever that word is hah . Thanks again! :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making and sharing it :) I'm too dumb to get past floor 10 but that's on me hah.

thanks for sharing this, enjoyed it :) 

thanks so much for sharing this, had a lot of fun :) Couldn't get the game out of the box in the end though hah.

Thanks for making and sharing this, was impressed by how good and scary it was! :)

This was amazing, thankyou so much for making and sharing it! :)

was a pleasure, wish you all the best :)

Really enjoyed the demo, thankyou for making it :)

thanks for making it, wish you all the best :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it! :) I'm pretty awful at it hah but I really respect what you did!

Played some more, still wasn't able to complete it but had fun! :) Thanks again.

I do, wish you all the best  :)

Thanks for making this, really enjoying it! :)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it and sharing! :) Only feedback would be that a little more clarity in how it hears/detects you (other than visually) would improve things as it's a little hard to tell what you're doing wrong at times :))

Thanks for this, really enjoyed it! Good ending was tough to get but cool, appreciate how different the endings are :)

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed this! :)

Thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it! :)

Thanks again man :) Hope you'll make more but do what makes you happy!

Loving this so far, thanks so much! :)

Thanks for making this! I really struggle to find stuff that appeals to me for Christmas games but this was great! :) 

thanks for the reply, glad it's not just me then :) I'm using the same, Windows 7, 64 bit.

Thanks Scruncho, was really nice to get to see your work! :) Love this part of small YT and indie games so much.

thanks :)


For some reason this crashes for me after the first "I remember this place" lines every time :( Not running in window mode. 

Thanks again, really enjoyed it, wish you all the best going forwards! :)

Really enjoyed this, gameplay was one of a kind and yet felt totally natural! Very memorable :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, absolutely loved it! :) Only thing I'd say is that it might benefit from a little more clarity on the conditions under which the monsters see you and if you can sneak etc. That's a minor thing though :)

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Finished it and loved it. Thanks a ton, hope you'll make more :) Embedding seems broken so here's a link

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I'm really enjoying this, thankyou so much for making it free too, hope you'll make more! :)