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Sergio Checa

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Super cool aesthetic you got there! I'll be watching out for the update.

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Yeah, It would make sense to make the challenge increase with each round. Right now there is little sense of progression gameplay wise once the books are tidied up in the first few rounds.

Yup, there should be a way of letting efficient players speed up the proccess!

Nice creative proposal! There is an audio issue.
The game is easy to understand, so as you said, no tutorial was needed.:)

Very original and cool mechanics! I love the clarity and the in-game tips.

You always deliver, Le Slo! Just got the notice of the new game, it has a really nice feel and the challenge is always high. Thanks! As other people say, It may help adding a mode with tutorials or some tips for more mainstream players that would like to tackle the puzzles.

Mi más sincera enhorabuena, es una visita interactiva en la que se ve a la legua el cariño y dedicación con el que se ha realizado.

Really clever game! Had a great time solving the levels. It really has potential for great levels and gameplay. The only thing to solve is the collisions system, as it was a bit hard to give commands over the objects. Thanks for this game, Piginatuxedo.

Thanks! We'll be fixing those issues after the jam and will expand the game much more.

Thanks, Koba did a great job on the graphics, props to him!

Hi, thank you for playing! Yes, there are several issues around in the actual entry. We'll fix them in the next releases after the jam. Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Hi, thank you for the feedback! Glad to hear you liked the game.

About the key input for the actions, would you rather prefer to have it in the "control" key? Any other key suggestions? We'll take this into account in the future development.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. After the jam we'll fix those problems and add new levels :)

It has really nice controls and a charming aesthetic, but as others mentioned earlier, when playing the dark witch its harder read the gamespace. From there i see you could expand more on level design, maybe add one or two new interactions with the environment to help creating puzzles. Anyways, i liked the levels that were presented, its 100 better to have simple but clean levels than complex but messy ones. Congrats on your hard work, Hush!