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Just played it. Really really interesting concept!!

Here's mine:

It's super hard and super fun!! I really like the idea!
I specially like the detail of not letting the player use WASD keys to move so  that the hand has to reach even further. Nice one!

Thanks! It's not polished at all but I'm glad you liked it ^^

Hey Joshua! Thank you for playing it and I'm vey glad you liked it!

I heard you all. I'll try not to make Flash my protagonist next time :)

The game kinda broke when I clicked on the Snooze button inside the pod. All fade to black and stayed that way while the alarm started to sound at the same time.

Nevertheless, I loved the music selection, the story is promising, there's a lot of potential there, and even without images, it can convey a lot. The alarm and the ticking clock where very effective.

And I noticed the little detail of naming the other important character "Alex", so genders are not involved and everyone can imagine their own version of that relationship. Very cool!

Thanks! Maybe a tad too hard, but for those who love challenge is okay.

Music was the weakest part.

Thanks again for playing it and taking your time to record it, you rock!! ^^

Thanks!! Means a lot to me, really

Yeah, the character had his feet greased, sorry about that.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! ^^

Yeah, I should've made the character less slippery, but I was happy enough with the jumping sensitivity.

Thank you!!

Yup, I made the terrible mistake of making the main character slippery, note taken for next time!

I'd normally would be very open to translate a project (even the voice work could be done in other of the languages that I speak); but, as you might guess, this one would be abnormally hard to translate!

I'm very glad you liked it, even so; thanks you very much for taking your time and giving your feedback!! ^^

You are awesome man!
I loved the mechanic of growing stuff with your gun. If you have some time it would be cool to see this explored a bit further.

Continue like this!

Nice idea! I works great!

I only had one really small issue: You can get stuck inside the doors if they close while passing and can get force you to restart the game.

Good job!

Wow! I don't really know what to say.

This game deeply touched me. The mechanics and the fantastic dialog work together to make you go through this experience. I think the fact that at the end I was clicking on the "Live your life" button like crazy says enough.

Good job and I'd love to see more games sharing messages like these in the future!


Indeed, we talked about it and we are going to further develop this concept.

We might re-skin the project and create a brand new story and sense to the mechanics to make it more attractive and less of a joke, but we're definitely gonna do something more with it, yeah :)

Thank you! Your feedback is very much appreciated!


It was a joke!! We are fans of japanese culture in general, so I'm glad you got it hahaha

Thank you so much for your feedback ^^

Committing too many Sudoku!!s would accomplish that same functionality, I guess

I just updated the game applying some changes and adding a feature or two.

Definitely I see more potential now, although I'm very busy and I don't know if I'll be able to continue exploring all these possibilities in the near future.

In any case, those changes have been heavily inspired by your sugestions, so thanks a lot!

Wow, I don't even know where to start... You are amazing and thanks so much for this!

This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for as a game designer.

I actually intended to leave this project as is but you inspired me to make something more out of it.

Indeed, I struggled a lot making the game more approachable without killing the challenge, and your insight gave me a lot of ideas in that regard. I love your suggestion of easing out the player with fewer options at the beginning and learning new patterns and mechanics as they advance in the game.

I thought of adding a penalty for broken eggs to avoid the potion-spamming, but I think I liked even more your idea of making limited eggs and reward speed instead. I think I will try both and see what works best.

The white potion thing was intended as an Easter Egg, btw hahaha. I'm glad that you tried all possibilities there.

The truth is that you've seen much more future for a project like this than I did. And that's definitely something I want to learn from. Thanks again for taking your time!!

Yes, I struggled getting the difficulty right. I didn't want to make the game too straightforward and I ended up going too much in the other direction. I will take it into account for my next projects.

Thanks a lot for your feedback ^^

PS: Actually, it was my first time doing pixel art, so I'm really glad that you liked it :P