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i am missing 1 thing 

to set the light source.......

so that and ramp as an example is also dark when the light source is on the opposite site

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This post is very long so dont miss the rest

I would pay you 300€ when you make all this variations as hex tilesets:

we need all kind of assets

crater,cliffs,geyser,lagoons,deltas and so on

we just need all reallife natural aspects.

like this

and than we need more variations of it.... there are far to less species of trees or mountain formations and colors

like these:

or these:

and after all of this we need the fantasy stuff for nature

like an worldtree like this:

or mushroom forrest like this:

i can go on and on that this asset pack is cool and awsome but onyl 50% done.

when you think 300€ is far to less money , so pls make an patreon account so we can all pay you to work on it, for more money !

for hex based assets we all use stuff because it has an high variation and he is working on new stuff right now.  

i would buy it, but i miss swamps,canyons,tundra and jungles biomes.

And an higher variation of mountains and plants for each biome.

Many Gamemasters would kill for an complete Overworld Asset pack to visualise their Overworld in Tabletop RPGs.