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so i checked over 1 year later to see how far the seamless texture feature is implemented.

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Here is an guy who shows how easy it is to make the 2d graphics and than port it in unity

and there are more supported Frameworks and Libraries for Tiled

When you need help just ask this guy

it would be possible to make fast new assets and after it an new map with less knowledge about drawing stuff or make things in the right perspective.

on the other side the battle-map would look more organic. it makes this

but i dont know jet how to fix the middle part automaticly

ok thx

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I hope to see the pixel isometric view not (true) isometric view

here the example:

Seamless Textures are always needed, for floor graphics or wall graphics.

So its a hassle to do it, there is an Photoshop action script to do this but why using more than one program to make pixel art :)

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You saved an Project with an Image, than when its open you delete the image.

After this all the settings of the project are on default........ so when you want to use the same shader on an other image you need to open the other image first and THAN delete the first one or the settings are default again.

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wonderfull programm :)

So here is my idea what i would make out of it:

(Final Fantasy Tactics style of an Battlemap

So how you ask ?

Ok here is an list what i need to make this possible


This kind of map is Block based, that means everything so big you can stand on it is 64x64x64, or 64x64x32 (half Block for covering or climb on) 64x64x16 (an slap where an charakter just walk on and gets an little higher) So when i am in the Editor i just klick on one "block" with the right mouse buttom and an popup screen shows up. Like this:

Now i select with the left mouse bottom the side i want to add an Texture, after that an small pop-up wants an source for the texture.
it can be an 32x32 pixel, 64x64,128x128 or more when you dont want to use pixelart.
After you has chosen every texture for every side you click "done" and you made your first custom block you can add everywhere.
Naturally there are ramps to like this:

The camera need an option to fixate it like the example shows on the right side:

Than i need to rotate the camera in all 4 sides

Parameter for the blocks, that means when an character in DnD can walk 5 fields and want to walk over an 45° ramp the parameter says that this block not only kost 1 movement but 2, because its harder to walk on it.

All Objects that are to complex to make in 3d (not everyone has those skills or asset resources) can be made by 2d pictures of the objects that have transparent parts (you can see that in the first picture, trees and the big rock are in 2d) when you rotate the ramera the 2d decal assets always look at the camera and can only blocked by other 2d assets or 3d blocks. to make them interact with players,enemy's,fog of war and so on. they get an collision parameter with an x,y,z coordinate you set here as an example for an tree 128x48x48. An invisible block is now connected to the 2d tree. this block ,blocks light as an example or the movement of someone, you can even climb on the tree with your 2d player token, he will chill on the tree crown.
when you make something that is round you can also make an collision block that has more than 6 sides.
20 sides would be enough to block the light in an way that the 2d sphere has an sphere like shadow.

you can give an specific block you made an gamma parameter, so no matter how dark it is or where the light comes from, an tree or and stair can not be totally black.

like explained in (1.) how to set textures, you can also place 2 more layers on top on an specific texture. because transparency is allowed you can place an Grass texture on top of an Stone Texture
(this is not mandatory, its for effect that change an specific layer on the texture or spawns an specific texture on an other texture to show something like burned grass or an ice effect and so on)

i am missing 1 thing 

to set the light source.......

so that and ramp as an example is also dark when the light source is on the opposite site

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This post is very long so dont miss the rest

I would pay you 300€ when you make all this variations as hex tilesets:

we need all kind of assets

crater,cliffs,geyser,lagoons,deltas and so on

we just need all reallife natural aspects.

like this

and than we need more variations of it.... there are far to less species of trees or mountain formations and colors

like these:

or these:

and after all of this we need the fantasy stuff for nature

like an worldtree like this:

or mushroom forrest like this:

i can go on and on that this asset pack is cool and awsome but onyl 50% done.

when you think 300€ is far to less money , so pls make an patreon account so we can all pay you to work on it, for more money !

for hex based assets we all use stuff because it has an high variation and he is working on new stuff right now.  

i would buy it, but i miss swamps,canyons,tundra and jungles biomes.

And an higher variation of mountains and plants for each biome.

Many Gamemasters would kill for an complete Overworld Asset pack to visualise their Overworld in Tabletop RPGs.