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Super cute, insta-buy! I love all the pinks and oranges, does this palette have a name?

Thank you so much for the quick fix!!

Hi Vryell, I’ve bought all your packs since they’re super cute!

I’m trying to set up a beach with the animated shore tiles but I’m having some alignment troubles on the corners. I have all of them set up with four frames but the corner doesn’t seem to line up for half of them. I’ve tried to attach some pictures here to hopefully show what I mean.

Let me know if it’s just a problem with how I’ve set them up, I am just a beginner :)


Amazing how much you could do in 48 hours! That main menu animation with the cockatoo in the breeze was fantastic. Fun game too (although hard)!

I definitely wanted to evoke a silly atmosphere. I realised there was a game-breaking strategy of spin-n-shoot while I was developing, but there wasn't enough time to really nail down a proper balance fix. Thanks for playing and commenting!

I got into a loop on the northern beach where I could do donuts in the car park but eventually I still managed to smash myself up. Love the over-the-top explosions where my car flies across the whole city. Best time: 32 seconds!

I really liked the concept here, and it's really easy to understand what to do since herding an unruly animal is a common challenge. Would be great to see it fleshed out with some more levels!

The controls in this game were really hard to get used to. I kept hitting left or right to move left or right but instead I would turn, then get shot.  I really like the art style though, it looks really polished!

I really like your take on the theme! Nice work :)

Fun game! Our first run ended terribly, but the second one was much easier since we knew how to play. Nice work!

When I travel to another city, I'm going to play this game so I can still perform the sacred art of the Touch On.