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Sense of Place Games ○●)

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Spheres by Sense of Place Games ○●)

Spheres: One Day In The Mountains

Spheres - One Day In The Mountains Demo

A dynamic game of motion, exploration & discovery

"Ever play a something that left you not quite sure what it was you just did but still feeling better for having experienced it?
Spheres: One Day in the Mountains could be the poster child for that sensation." - James Cunningham on July 29, 2016

Drop into a mountainous region from the full game and explore for one in-game day.

Spheres is a peaceful exploration based arcade adventure.

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Hi. Thanks playing my game:)

Collecting spheres provides fuel for a greater range of movement as the player explores and interacts with the game world.

In this build the player is pretty much left to explore, observe and figure out how the world works on their own.

One aim of the demo is to get player feedback - how much hinting and guidance (if any) should be added to the final game design is a big part of that process so all thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome!