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Look, im a gamedev, and there is such a thing as the difficulty not being balanced. Have a nice day

I wrote that eight months ago dude

who knows? ;)

Thanks for the feedback, I fully agree on both of those points and will add them if I bother coming back to the game

Thanks so much, I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback, if you can click fast enough it isn't really that hard at first but I understand what you mean. Thanks for playing!

Good job, I found the amount of bullets being shot at me made it impossible to dodge them at all but it is still fun for a bit.

Nice little game. I don't think the levels got any harder at all, and I found it confusing that rocks cams past faster than the current of the water, but great job!

Well, I just set up an auto clicker an the rest is history :D

Pretty much just endless pressing one button, I wouldn't really compare it to chrome trex game.

Anyway, great job, it's a lot of fun nuking hundreds of islands!

Nice game! The movement is a bit hard to anticipate sometimes and it could do with more levels but for three hours its really, really nice.

Great game, it got impossible towards the end though :/.

Great job, this was a lot of fun, if a little repetitive.

I really tried to like this game, but I honestly couldn't see anything. I get that that was that idea but I really couldn't enjoy staring at a mostly black screen. Its probably just a personal preference, honestly. Great job though on the game, its good for 3 hours.

Not a bad game, it can be fun once you get the hang of it. But I found it much too hard, cannonballs move REALLY fast and you don't have exact controls on the boat so you can't stop instantly.

Also, cannon shoot wen they are not on your screen, so you can suddenly have a cannonball come out of nowhere and destroy you because you couldn't see it.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks a lot for playing, I was literally thinking that as the three hours ended. The was a lot of ways it could have been changed, but I did what I could in 3 hours :)

That is the best compliment you could give this game. Thank you!

I wanted to play this game and leave feedback

Dude come on this is not worth money is it? It was made in a week, I don't think it makes sense to charge even a penny for it. Why?

actually I am getting stressed out now about that bug :D

I used unity. And as for that bug I have seen it once before but have been unable to understand how it happened. I mean, if the alien dies the end screen should play, and if he does not where is he? Thanks for the feedback and if you can recreate the issue consistently let me know.

Thanks a lot and I appreciate that you played it!

I wouldn't say I am a beginner. I have been programming now for quite a while and have created some games. However, while I totally hear what the poster is getting at, this game jam is not ONLY for beginners, like he said. I don't care if I win or how many times, that's not why I am here. I am in this game jam for the community and because I wanted to be in a game jam where the owner is not just trying to promote himself, like all the other good game jams I have seen where they are.

I will probably stick around for the future jams but I have no interest in winning more than once or at all, I am just here for the fun of it and to improve my skills :D.

Thanks, if there are any bugs you notice let me know

Thank you for the feedback and enjoy the game!!

Great to hear that! I wouldn't want it to be to easy :D

not a bad start :D. My best is 828

Just curious what was your high score?

So glad to hear that! Thanks for playing :-)

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!!

Thank you glad you like it!

Thank you very much we really appreciate all the feedback! We will be (hopefully) keeping it up and adding a lot more features for the phone version :-D.

Thanks, for the feedback, enjoy!

Thank you for the feedback!

Wow this game is amazing! I am up to 14 so far! The gameplay is really polished and smooth and I love how the music turns off when you turn off the tech. It's hilarious! Great job!

Wow this is a lot of fun! The controls are really smooth and I love the way you can tap the mouse and make the slime hop along! Great job!

We were unsure about that for a while but when it comes down to it a is clockwise and d is anticlockwise which works much better. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the game!

This is amazing! I can't imaging how much work you must have out into this

ok there you go