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well then guess i gotta find a name for my 6th MC & their twin <3

i'm already simping for both rory and sebastian. i like... they :)

also catch me making 5 separate MCs for each RO like a madman because i just. i LOVE them so much. this is so good. thank you for making such a dope story so far, i can't wait to see more of it <3

Hello! My name is Starboy, and I go by senpaigames here! I'm a voice actor, most well known for my work in the Danganronpa voice acting community, although I've done other jobs here and there. I'm also a writer, a musician, and currently, I'm in the process of laying the ground work for my own visual novel.

The story is inspired by games such as Danganronpa and Zero Escape, with some elements of horror thrown in. It takes place in an abandoned cathedral, occupied by 16 people who have no idea how they got there, overseen by a doll-like nun named Thea, who forces them into a game where they have to kill one another.

I'm looking for people who can write, create sprites, create backgrounds, design UI elements, code in Ren'Py, and even animators and audio and video engineers. I also currently have a Casting Call being ran, where I'm trying to find voice actors. You can find that link right here.

I want to have the feel of a game similar to Danganronpa or Zero Escape, but with a bit more delving into characters, and a focus more on the themes and writing of the game as opposed to a focus on specific gameplay elements like mini-games. While there will be mystery elements to the game, I want to emphasize the story first and foremost, so that players will be attached to the characters and world around them. If anyone wants to throw in suggestions for gameplay elements, however, I'd be more than willing to listen!

This game is very much a passion project of mine, and I really want to see it succeed. If you feel as if you have something to offer to this project, you can reply to this thread, send in an audition on, or contact me on Discord @starboy!#9847 .

Thank you, and,

M a y    H o p e    s h i n e    i t s    l i g h t    u p o n    y o u .

- Starboy

I had to replay the game just so I could write cryptic poetry that foreshadowed the ending I received, and it all got received well. Cassandra if she were a bard. Definitely a fun experience, and one I thoroughly enjoyed throughout both playthroughs!

I loved this story a lot. Especially with the subversion that came with it. As a queer trans man, I appreciate how the story was handled with care and how positive it was. I think that it would be interesting to find out more about Simon's affliction, but for what was given, this was such a cute story, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for creating something so lovely <3

i really love moose, they seem like such a kind person and i love their route and how closely it's related to their art! i'd love to see their art in a future update!

this hit me right in my trans heart. it's such an effective experience and it perfectly encapsulates the anxiety that comes with being closeted and forced out

E(zra, in my case) already has my heart in the palm of their hand... Oliver is my best bro and I would die for him, Gage seems like a rude boy and I would absolutely kick his ass. (softly bc i like him) And I'm super excited to meet Sabine more and learn her personality! This is definitely an inspiration to me for my interest in making visual novels! Love the atmospheric writing, the snippets of characters' personalities in the little things they do, and how neatly everything is tied together! One of my favorite visual novels I've read thus far, for sure!

I really liked this little adventure! I answered honestly as I could and the twists genuinely shocked me. At first I thought it was just a normal Truth or Dare game, but the more I kept reading, the more and more I realized that it was going to end up sinister.

I loved the twist on the typical Truth or Dare questions leading up to the reveal. The art accompanying each question was very good as well, and it genuinely had me unsettled for a second. Great job!