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Really brilliant idea! An interesting twist on mixed reality. I hope no one suffocated while playing this :)

This is a really clever idea! Although I thought the gameplay got somewhat tedius after a while. Maybe that's in part because I have difficulty telling left from right :) Also, seeing as this is in part a text-based game, I'd appreciate some kind of story to go with it.

A simple but elegant story. I initially thought the game mechanics were a bit too straightforward, but I ended up enjoying the game regardless, thanks to the writing and the characters. Keep  up the great work!

Really nice  concept! Really abrupt ending, too:)

I'm really enjoying the visual style and the atmospheric soundtrack. It's also a cool idea to combine breakout mechanics with a hero's journey-type storyline (or any storyline for that matter)!\

My only quibble - at least at this stage of the game (after getting the first crystal) - is that there seems to be little interaction between the story and the mechanics. What does the ball and the blocks symbolize? What are the challenges the protagonist undertakes in the game world? What connects the four locations? If the game knows the answers, I wish it could communicate them more clearly... maybe they will come later in the game, though.

Very well-written, atmospheric, and disturbing (in a good way). I thought the riddle was a bit on the trivial side, but I didn't mind since it was essential to the narrative.

Why did the scholar cross the road? (Also, what happened to the chicken and the turtle?)

Getting to the Other Side is a short jaywalking simulator, which doubles as an interactive version of the "Why did the chicken cross the road" jokes. My friend and I made this game to promote the upcoming International Society for Humor Studies 2018 conference in Tallinn, Estonia - but it is a fun little game in its own right! Give it a go, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete!


  • Three challenging levels (and one not so challenging)
  • Four cute characters to play as
  • Fun game mechanic with a new twist for every level
  • Original soundtrack