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Why do I get Gundam Seed vibes from the end credits song..? 

Curiosity aside, this is amazing. First time I've felt a sense of completeness & good vibes from a short game. And that means I'll tear it limb from limb as a living-undead example, like any creative.

Thanks muchly! Super excited for this. 

Hey sorry to post this here, new to itch & couldn't find a comment or report thinger for The Maker's Eden. As part of the massive bundle, the Windows ZIP is glitching hard. Gone through ~15 pages so far and no other issues.

Quality & abundance of assets aside -- which are awesome -- I find great amusement in the nature of this asset pack & its size. Purposeful or inadvertent, thank you for the laugh. 

Firstly, thank you for even considering the idea. :D And fair points all-around. I kind of ADD'd into the "What if?" and some of your points (possibility of contact, refunds, compatibility, customer confusion) I hadn't considered even tho they seem obvious on 2nd read.

Secondly, my apologies. I missed your sale and just jumped into "Maybe it hasn't happened before?" Thank you for pointing out you've already -- and recently -- had a larger sale. More due diligence on my part for next time an idea bubbles up.

Finally, idk how often you're told this as a creator or just human-to-human, you're an awesome person. The values you appear to rep, the way you handled a weird question, reply time etc. I didn't expect to feel good after asking a question, yet I feel amazing. That's something I'm going to work on passing on when I create the useful/fun things. :P Ehm, thank you for being you haha

Hey Ramza would you consider putting on a summer/end of corona restrictions bundle together with some other creators? 

Idk if I'm alone on this but I haven't gotten Irina's or Olivia's  bundles bc they're both ~45 USD/60 CAD on their own. If the 3 of you had a deal going until Jun 30th/July 1st to co-op a 60 USD bundle.. I'd be willing to bet there'd be an increase in sales for each of you since more people are coming here due to the political bundles pulling in larger-than-usual sales, and catching media attention. 

Granted, I'm being opportunistic and asking bc I want to support the 3 of you, but I also don't want to drop a third of a month's living expenses  when 70% of my offline work was shut down á la covid/closed borders. 

P.S. - I looked for a way to ask privately, but I can't DM on twitter & I haven't found an email haha. Apologies if this is a misplaced message.