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Awesome work, mate 😎

Thanks, mate! Still trying to figure things out. Hope to get my ideas out there better on the next jam. This is addictive

Thanks, mate! First idea was to have a full body. Ended up becoming a flying bust 😛
Now... hiding a QR code in the skybox is a great idea! Gotta do it lol

This one looks great. Would love a whole fallout game with these visuals.
Imagine the work needed to do Liberty Prime lol 😎

Dang! Really cool bot. Would pick him as a character in a classic game like One Must Fall or Rise of the Robots. 

That's a menacing dude.
Loved the last visual. Is that a render in Blender?

Great character. Gives me Kenshi / Skeleton vibes 

Loved your work. And great atmospheric scene

Great work. Also loved your initial sketch

Wow. Amazing visual. Blew my mind

Awesome design. This would be really cool in a game

Really cool. Seems like a friendly piggie

Really badass! Loved the forms and palette usage

Really cool. In my head, I try to associate sounds it would do 😁

Wow... this is inspiring

Great stuff mate. really admire who can put all of this together in such a short time

Love it! 

Really cool. Didn't expect an interactive piece 

This looks so great. Can already imagine the *tick*tick* sound this makes creeping the ass out of the opposing forces

This guy looks amazing! Awesome forms and you managed the limited palette really well

This is a great design. Awesome colours too. Anxious to see this finished project. Are you gonna publish the game here on

And loved the environment too!
Cheers, bro

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Thanks, mate... I'm used to modelling for my work. But it's mostly industrial stuff on blender. That helps a lot regarding spacial notions. But dang... it's hard to learn a totally different application and workflow 😁
I should've started sooner too 😜

I see The Mechanist has been busy 😁

Intuitive and fun gameplay, nice art style, UI and overall presentation. 
I tried some entries on the jam that where barely playable. And this one even leads for replays 🥰

Loved this game. It's all going awesome here. The visuals, gameplay, theme, sound. Amazing work