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this game in a nutshell:

study study study study study study study!! okay heres a sex scene. where they cum just from kissing. sure hun

the "a1" "a2" "a3" are weird and a bit too uncommon for game mechanics. usually it's 1. 2. 3.

weird lol

it's strange that killing nobody and getting hearts still gets puppet ending.... unsure why this is

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list of enemies and what I thought of them:

- Frog: Nice, good "tutorial" fight

- ATM machine: Decent first level, nothing too bad (I thought for sure we were going to fight the bouncer)

- Red Tie: Waterfall of Death required good reaction but otherwise was fine (I like how the high blocks showed his superiority)

- Mr. Skeltal: the Skrillex influence seemed to show through his chaotic patterns, the hardest guy

-Guru and Frog 2.0: Guru was weird but fine, and frog 2.0 had a huge tendency not to target the left most column, uncertain if purposely or not

real nice game, I like how the final guy wasn't convinced by your act

heheh, you're welcome. Also, I think the quest distances are a bit too far, for instance I tried going from Lady Molly to the place she recommended next but even from home (F-11) to Lord Word (B-7) takes a bit too long, I know I could probably do sidequests in the meantime, but it'd still take a really long time and I doubt Molly to Word is the sole quest

never mind, sorry, my computer's just being a slowpoke, thanks for responding though

problems: I somehow got stuck at Aernum X=87, Y=1. Since there is no jump button the rocks just prevent you from moving.

I tried to track down Lady Molly but her coordinates' name bottom half was cut out.

i downloaded for 64 but it got stuck on the loading screen

interesting demo, I agree on cutting down on dialogue 

I wasn't a big fan of the grind, but not a bad story

after what I assume is the "tutorial", the game loads and freezes up...

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seems like the old men know about music theory, I tried using four chord progression at 170 BPM standard pop style with a few spare notes to appeal to the punkers and both crowds appreciated it

I'm not entirely sure Nightmare mode is possible, do double test that in case!

I did all the four confrontations but I couldn't guess the murderer right, what an oof

I wasn't able to load the main menu, it still stopped at 100% loading with music playing

my game keeps on freezing after it gets to 100%...

level two is too difficult, there's no way to stop the weirdo from carrying you once you start jumping

the major complaint I have is that you walk far too slowly, I'd rather the airport be friggin humongous and you walk like a normal person rather than walking like a snail

my game gets stuck on "the squirrel is a shrewd creature but weak"

when I pressed left mouse I was stuck flapping in the air forever

I don't like the fact that you point the gun the way you go, you'd have to hit and run in a really weird way that's difficult to do

not a bad game! though bad ending's way too easy to get, good ending's alright, and middle ending is just basically click anything but "eat her". I kinda hoped making her angry every day but there doesn't seem to be an ending like that

so... this seems like Geometry Dash but easier. I bet there's even a Deadlocked level by someone, heh.

nice game! remind me of Ib/Pocket Mirror

nice game

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funny game, I had problem attaching the furniture to Furniture man

the animations seem a bit... oofy? XD


nice idea! could use an option to speed up the enemy turn :)

funny, a little tooo easy though XD

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15 hours?? That's insane! Even undertale has merely under 10 hours for all routes at leisurely pace. Good work man! 

good story, but the attack method makes me tear my hair out since it is not very straightforward. 

good game, though it makes me a little motion sick @.@

1.  bad

2. good

3. friend

I can't find the fourth ending... a hint please?

what's the language? I can't understand anything...