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after you finish the first level it doesnt send you to the next

also you can buy all the things before the round starts and not waste any of the money

this mechanic is very interesting.

like it very much

incredible game absolutely loved it

incredible game very interesting story and very immerssing soundtrack.

only problem i have with it is that the carpets inside the bathrooms for some reason count as a solid object and you cant walck through them. (hope you fix it some time as it would make this game way more immersive for me and others)

This is highly annoying why is it even in the free to play category if I have to pay for the API

Incredible game, I think there is alot of potential if you continue it.

I loved the way you you did the changes in the music and visuals, it was just rightly paced.

I really enjoyed that little glimpse of what the game would be like at the beginning, I think it has very interesting feel to it. and I gotta admire the flies.

This game reminds me a little of a different game that was a couple months ago named project kat, but this one as more of a 3d render.

Few points about the game for the creator:
1; Some of the decor makes you think that it is either openable, or some sort of doorway but is just uninteractable. which isn't necessarily bad, but it does throw you off a bit.
2; Her AI doesn't seem to track a radius of where you are when calculating routs so it will often try to walk into you, or block you off. 
3; The captions are a bit off,  most of the time you wont be able to see them if you are too close to her during a cutscene. I saw what you did with the way the subtitles only appear if you are not facing her, so I think it would be smart to do it also if you are too close to her.
4; the items you are meant to collect dont have any indication of where they are, i mean there is a shine but that is only if they aren't obstructed, for example there is the battery in the refrigerator which is kinda hard to see if you don't pay close attention to it.

Overall I think this game has lots of ways to go from here, and I will defiantly come back when more is released. however, what is currently released needs a bit more polish and to be worked on before the full release.


wow just wow this is incredible, from the plot to the music and the characters absolutely phenomenal 

I loved this it was lots of fun and really made me feel for the characters something that most games nowdays can't seem to be able to. it was a ride and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I absolutely adore the way you tell the story of this game and I think this is one of the best indie games ive played in a while thank you for making it and I cant wait to play the full game

cute I feel like having the music you linked as an in game thing would have made this games vibe a bit more inclusive but still pretty nice

this game has one of the best OTSs ive see

incredible keep it on

I've encountered a couple of bugs and I just replayed the game to check if I can catch more this is what I got:

whenever you reset the game or enter a new game the sound effects will double and get out of sync (every sound effect will play twice or thrice depending on how many times the game reset 

you can kinda just break the game by reloading the scenes at the beginning 

reloading the scene doesn't restart the progress from the first phase of the game (before the dude was shot) to what it was at the beginning of the scene . I've actually noticed it makes just as much progress on the first phase as getting into a new area (you can create like that some weird situations where the man has been shot in a completely different location than he should have and you get the wrong cutscene)

I've also noticed that you can get the dialogue for when you shoot your old man while talking to him in the tent thingy although you didn't shot him (I don't remember how I did it I cant seem to be able to recreate that)

you can kinda like break the dialogues by clicking on the people 

this one I'm not sure if its intentional but you can also skip the whole dialogue of that redstar by giving him his poster back 

and last but not least I know this is intentional and that its just a chat code so you as a developer can better see how the game interacts, however! don't ask me how I know this but ctrl + windows reverses time 

hope this helps 

thank you for making it

this is outstanding I love this

bro what is this even

this was way too good for how short it was  

absolutely outstanding 

Amazing i love it I gave up at this level but still its incredible

Amazing game I really enjoyed it however it is full of bugs and gets almost unplayable after a while. (I only tried the downloaded version idk about the web one)

aside from the bugs it was really incredible I loved its music plot and its overall feel. hope to see you improve it or upon it and is waiting for the full release.

no need to mute music is good

I love how many mechanics this game has I couldn't walk a step without unlocking something new!

But now for real I really liked the game I thought it was very funny and amusing,  it had good music and was impressively good for the amount of time you had to work on it. overall it had a very strong mega man vibe to it that I really liked and I hope to see more from you in the feature.

in short it was very charming and I really enjoyed playing it, thank you for making this.


Amazing I always knew death had being a dancer in him this whole time

finally doing what he was born to do

Amazing keep it on!

I love this games plot and absolutely adore the use of music in this game, also I like the fact that this game is both a stand alone and is highly referencing the first game in my opinion it highly improves the impact the plot has and the game overall.

Hope you keep making astonishing games like theses and keep on improving with your music worldbuilding and storytelling as I've seen you've so far.

Incredible game and waiting for the next in this series.

it says img/pictures/%D0%B2%D1%81.png failed to load

and wouldn't let me continue 

Love it but damn Ellen's a monster.

Amazing design, astonishing atmosphere and incredible music.

One point of criticism is that the game doesn't explain greatly how Ellen's insanity got to the point of committing murderer, id expect a person's state of mind to go defensive after having seen a death instead of offensive, just as soldiers will come back from war with a post trauma syndrome that will make them act extremely defensively even when there is no danger. 

Absolutely astonishing keep it on.

Absolutely amazing