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Dear caseyscreamsback, lopar. 

We are interested in publish your game if you wish to support and let the world to know your art.
You can write to this account :

Best regards,

Sega Zone Team

Your game is pretty good. I really don´t know what you were thinking about as you said but let me tell you that it works. Congrats !

Awesome platformer game ! When will you finish Kivutar ? Congrats in advance.

Great work ! Congrats !

Nice mini game !

Nice game.

Great game !

Great platformer game ! Also is very entertainment with great concept. Congrats !

Lovely game ! The most we like isthe voice that narrates the game story. Great addition ! 

100% fun warranted with this platformer puzzle. Great work guys !!

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We love the graphics and sounds !! Cool fighting game. Thanks and congrats to Genesis Fight Engine and all PSCD team for physical releases.

Congratulations !! This awesome game deserves its publish tested. Thanks Cannibal Cat Software for your game.

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Bravoo !!! This game is really great, sprites and graphics awesome. Sounds like a film anime. Playable 100 % good. The more we got our attention is the life bar that manage this game very friendly from beginners to Ace players and of course the shoot bar power.

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Gorgeous game ! when will you finish? Superb in all senses. Congrats in advance. Deserves another test play in your honor !