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Good job Haroldo !

Awesome game !

Awesome game ! I had fun too much.

Pretty entertainment game !

Interesting bt maybe you could add more things in the game.

Uou are so late to develop your game.

Cool simple game ! thanks !

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Awesome !

Excellent entry !

Love how hard is your game ! Thanks again Tboddy. Success for the contest.

Interesting game !

Awesome game ! Thanks a lot.

I hope you return to finish this game. Best wishes for you Kivutar.

Now with sound it´s nice. Thanks and congrats !

Sega Genesis / Megadrive version soon ? If so, count with me.

Waoow ! Better than ever.

But this is not a demo like the before ones not ?

Hi, Is this the final version ?

Please recommend me some great and easy to use emulator for Sega Dream Cast.

Awesome game ! Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the cpc version but It´s a possibilty to make dsk version cos cdt is difficult to charge. Thanks.

The game lack of sound.

Awesome preview !!

Good for SG - 1000. Continue doing your best ! 

Nice unreleased game !

Demo version ?

Awesome game !

2 days ago I downloaded your game and publish the game play.

Nice game !

Nice game Tboddy !

Awesome puzzle game !

Awesome version better than Amstrad CPC version.

Great ! When you finish your game. i can support you uploading a game play to my channel and share the video game play and the social media pages if you want it. Cheers !

Great preview !

Awesome ! when do you finish this game ?

Awesome preview !

So interesting ! When will you finish it ?

Nice preview !

Hi Arkagis ! Greetings from Sega Zone. Do you have a demo file to support your game by publishing it ? If you wish you can write me at

Awesome remake ! Thanks so much.