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Participated in Cozy Fall Jam this weekend and wrote the music for this little game:

Have a listen and check out the game!

Good job making a fly sound endearing. Nice chill music too.

Beautiful skies! I'd maybe tone down the river sound though, it is a bit too overpowering.

Just to spell out more clearly: I'm open to profit share for commercial projects. And would consider contributing to non-commercial projects for free (depending on the project)

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UPDATE: Composed for Cozy Fall Jam this weekend. Check it out at:

Hey all,

I'm an orchestral music composer and a game dev myself. I tend to enjoy writing music in the style of film scores, but I'm up for a challenge if you need something with a different flavour. Looking for interesting projects and cool people to work with. Check out some sample tracks here:

A space opera theme suite:

Ambient dark exploration music:

Indiana Jones-like dramatic revelation cue:

A short cue for a magical revelation:

More at:

With the pandemic and working from home for a while, I've been feeling a bit isolated, so I thought writing music for other people can broaden my circle a bit. My game dev skills are paying the bills so I'm flexible in terms of payment for my services as a composer as long as you are reasonable and don't take me for granted. (i.e. don't ask me to write an hour of music for free)

If you have a project that could use some nice original music, ping me on Discord: CaptainBaba#9130

How does it handle alpha blending? Does it at all?