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In this game I might be the yandere. The milkman is this handsome but very odd and incredibly dumb guy. I have terrible pick up lines and he has even worse comeback lines.

I had a lot of laughs with this game even if most of it was unintentional. Of course I got the bad ending or spoiled milk ending. I tried to get the other endings but failed.  This game is fun but glitchy at times but I did enjoy it and can't wait to see what you create next! 

Great jumpscare at the end though I made a terrible dispatch also never open a door in a fire!  Fire safety lesson number 1 so this game kind of blew it for safety.  And who goes and confronts a maniac?   Too many frustrating moments but I loved the first two calls.  They were a lot of fun.  I have no idea though how my recording device cut off most of the screen so I apologize for that!  

I came to play this sweet game you had me at cute school girls that looked like furries so I was trapped and boy did I enjoy the playthrough though I must admit that I died quite a lot to get a happy ending. But boy was it worth it.  I would love Patches if he wasn't so deadly to a sweet puppy as me!  I hope you watch me and support me as I could use the support struggling artist. lol 🌹 

I enjoyed this game I found it cozy at times and relaxing and fun jumpscares.  I liked the story also but would have liked to see a bit more of an ending and I accidently broke the game at the end but still tons of fun!  

I will be waiting for the finished product can't wait to see what you create next! 🦋

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Both arrows are facing the same way in.  Not a knitter here.  I would add that ability to skip this game as you see a lot of folks having issues with it and this is causing your game to be unplayable which is a real shame for those whom are not able to figure this out.  In my case when you press the arrow keys on my keyboard literally nothing happens.

I had a full narrated verson of this but for some reason my mic didn't pick it up and so I cried.  Not long after I died..and than I died again.  For some strange reason I just can't get a good ending but maybe there is no happy ending in Love Company!  I know it's just a demo 😉 and I really enjoyed what I played and hope to see a finished game. I love the film noir look of it really gives it a 1940's mystery feel almost an Agatha Christie vibe!  ❤

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The music was beautiful so enchanting and the art-work so fitting and fabulous in your game.  You have real talent for story-telling but I was so desperate for one happy ending for our beloved protagonist that tried so hard to save her kingdom and people.  I hope you create a bit of sunshine in your next game. 🌞

This is one of the most disturbing but incredibly creative yandere games I have ever played.  I don't know how to get the good ending without breaking Nialls heart.  I feel sorry for the little bugger but I am also ahhh Marlowe is dying because of this amoeba in love!  

aww I feel the same way! 🦋

I believe the dev is working on a fix to the yarn game if you read their reply a month ago yet nothing has happened the easiest fix would be just to take that mini game out it provides no enjoyment just frustration and is badly bugged just my opinion I really hope they fix it.

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I wasn't nervous leaving my comment either. 😁

As if I play something and feel it could use improvement I want to try and leave good feed-back or constructive criticism for the artist as I was an artist also and we improve by such feed-back from our audience.  

Also I was hoping you wouldn't just fixate on the comment about the period as that was just a minor detail that I added but more so about the actual characters which is the entire game is about relationships, I feel you missed that all together or ignored it.  

Anyways I wish you well in your next development and do take my feed-back to heart in your next creation. 😉

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Thank you for not being offended by my constructive feed-back.  I have high hopes for your game to develop into something enchanting.  You should play Rose of Secunda and also watch some of Jane Austen movies if you haven't already or read the books to get a feel for the characters and how people acted and reacted back than.  

Also allow the main character to make money not being on the brink of poverty all the time and making it such a struggle your game is about relationships and this portion should really shine not about trying to fight to put food on the table which is more realistic but most players are not here for realism especially not in a visual novel.  Add more charm and charisma to the other romances make them not sexist, or drunk and weak looking.  But real men that someone would swoon over.  Give it a real romance story book.

Name the cat and allow one to socialize with your darling pet.  Make embroidery worth something like being able to sell it perhaps if you have it in game.  Also  give the option of having your main character wear a few different outifts or be able to dress her up for certain occassions with outfits she makes herself people love that ability if you have the skill to do this. 😊 

Also the French guys name is just too weird and not relatable give him something dashing and French that one can actually pronounce.  I can't wait to see more of this development and will be following closely. 😍  One more thing also if you're dear friends with someone you don't call them Mrs. Dunker but by their first name makes her more relatable as a real person and not just some stranger.

I am seriously stuck at the yarn game what am I supposed to do? I have tried to use the mouse my keyboard nothing works?  This is stopping me from finishing the game and I really want to finish this fabulous game.  Can you please take the yarn mini game out it does not work and it's bugged. 😥 Also you don't give any instructions on what to do like do you use a keyboard or mouse to make it work?

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I was really hopeful for this game as I love these Jane Austen Period piece games but the music being played over and over again and being the same piece really got on my nerves.  And that you really have no choice but to become a bad person to be able to succeed also dampened my mood. I do not want to smuggle or be a part of criminal behavior but your game kind of forces me to do bad things.  Also there is only one romance the French guy whom is worth romancing the other two guys are just buffoons. 

Also I would love to be able to socialize with your cat but I can't, your relationship with Mrs. Dunker is basically useless and doesn't really offer anything interesting except the same parlour chitchat and what is the point of the embroidery if it doesn't do anything?  So I really hope you add more to this game and the ability to play as a good honest business women but sadly I don't think this is the case for this game.  

This game has such potential so I hope it does get fleshed out some more.  Also please make your characters actually people you want to get to know they don't really have anything interesting to them and you don't feel anything for them at least I didn't even the mc I didn't really have anything to like about her she just didn't seem real enough.

My heartstrings just couldn't handle this game.  Totally the most adorable and passionate game I have read in a long time.  I really felt like I was reading a very well-written fantasy romance novel without all the smut yet it did have some saucy blush worthy pieces.  Love it all around and the art work was beautiful hope you create more games and stories.  You are very talented! 🌹

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The story was really creative and Kara was the most unusual and unique dating character I have ever met in a visual novel.  

She is not someone I would ever date in real life but that's my opinion, as I like to be clean! lol 😄 Here is my playthrough of Neet Girl Date Night by Hitsuji.

I was going to play this game but not sure now.  I really like your comment on the game!

You've created a really dark and disturbing psychological horror.  The story was really good and that twist at the end gave me chills!  I couldn't sleep afterwards.  You have a flair for the dark and creepy side of story-telling and I hope you write and create more.  I couldn't break the game but this game nearly broke me! 😳

I really enjoyed the voice acting for this short visual novel.  But I would have loved to have been able to make some choices in the game and I was kind of left hanging in the end about what happened to the monster and how you managed to escape.  

I hope you finish this and make a sequel as the entire story was really good and kept me intrigued.

I enjoyed the illustrations and loved the story.  Really beautiful backgrounds.  But I would have liked a bit more regarding what happened to them in the end depending on your choices.  I hope you create more stories like this very sweet and enchanting tale with likable characters.   ❤

As someone whom absolutely adores romantic visual novels I was so excited to find a circus themed period piece visual novel it was like I found that last piece of cheese cake in my fridge and nobody had taken a bite out of it yet!  

But I was sorely let down as I continued to play the game.  There are many moments of beauty in this game such as the illustrations, the entertaining music and the storyline.  

But now for the constructive criticism please take this as not trying to make fun of your game but wanting you to make something next time even better because you have incredible talent!

But the characters especially Aimee definately not 1800's but more modern time-frame due to the way the characters spoke and dressed, it kind of made the game even more less believable.  Jules was trying to be endearing but he just ended up annoying and disgusting with his snot bubble nose and his garish joker outfit even after the fact (he had servants that would have picked out his clothing and have helped him dress and that is what they did back than the filthy rich, without giving away any spoilers) and his inability to be a man in front of his mother which was not of the times either women did not run the show sadly.

Claude oh how I wanted this guard to be my dashing, strong and romantic knight in shining armour but he had as much personality as a bag of potatoes, he hated his job and was just a lowly guard even though he was decked out looking like he was commander of the Queens guard, the chick on his shoulder was just too weird and not how a chick would act in real life I know this was supposed to be a bit fantasy but it just didn't make it cute for me and how he one moment really cared for the chick and than another didn't care it fell off his shoulder and was crying in the bushes which if a real chick had fallen from a mans shoulder would have probably broke its neck, (a cat or kitten would have been so much more cute and believable.)  Godefroy was just an old grandfather like creep also so no desire to romance him or even to get to know him.  

And the more I got to know Aimee the more I didn't really like her, especially that moment of littering and not caring, also how she was so dumb during that key moment when she could have solved the mystery and caught the real culprits it made me cringe with frustration and her inability to change her outfit or take a bath, stinky Aimee her mother called her even, yuck and than even smelling her pits, ugh.

Anyways in hindsight you have real potential to make amazing games and I truly hope you take this as only feedback.  As a hot blooded woman and someone whom used to write stories myself don't forget to give your men some manners, class and personality and your mc some too. 😉

Thank you so much 😊

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This game has everything I love, great voice-acting, wonderful narrative, fun banter between the main character and her handsome vampire and incredible story-writing.  You've weaved a tale of such intrigue I couldn't stop playing till the very end.  

Loved our saucy bard Abigail though I did re-name her Selene.  I hope you enjoy my playthrough and that I added to your marvelous games appeal to attract more audience.  I truly can't wait to playthrough Imperial Grace.  I tried it already without a video and absolutely adored it.  I hope you finish it soon. 😍

This is just a game where you can date some of the worse dictators of the 20th century. If there is anything redeeming of this game is that the creator wrote a very well written game, the backgrounds were fun, and the music was great so I would really like to see what the developer creates next just not any dating games. 😆

Thanks! Yes Ren is indeed too soft though he could beef up with carrying all those bags of sugar for his sweets! 😁

You're a young owner of a sweet shop in Japan but if only you toke up sword fighting instead of confection creating as you are constantly attacked by Yokai half fox/half human beings that wish you dead.  The illustrations are amazing, the story is really good and I enjoyed the sfx and music so serene and beautiful.  I hope you create more games!  

Please watch my playthrough and support me at SecretDoorGaming. :)

I haven't had this much fun in a long time.  And your game made me laugh and gag at the same time! 😄 I only wish it wasn't a demo.  I can't wait to play the other advantures of these zany team of Chook and Sosig!  

That was a fun game just wish it wasn't still a demo. :(

Thank you for watching that is kind of you! 🌹

I enjoyed your delightful visual novel game and hope to see the finished product. :) The characters were very interesting and the music and story line was intriguing.  What was kind of strange to me though was that you made it modern even though it was fantasy/medieval type of world by putting so much make-up even nail polish including the glasses on Moira which didn't seem to match with the world.  Also Kasanov was way too feminine for me/Caudin was kind of creepy in looks too demonic yet Moira was fun and fiesty. Hope you don't mind my thoughts. Can't wait to see more of the story.

I was thinking that this game would be hilarious just a fun comedy with two adorable but kooky streamers and I would get a good chuckle.  Boy was I in for a surprise, the horror was scary and the gruesome scenes that one banquet scene reminded me of something from Pan's Labyrinth that you would be forever stuck in this gruesome world had you taken a bite of the forbidden food.  I loved the story and the lore and yet at the end I was hanging for some closure for the poor and tortured monster even.  

Really good writing and awesome illustrations I really can't wait to see what you create next!  You should do something next with Bigfoot with our two loveable protagonists!  They have such great chemistry together. :)

I enjoyed this game and the suspense and how horrifyingly creepy it became.  But I was not happy with what happens to my friend. :( Please make it so that we can change the circumstances and even have the option of beating Li that would be so satisfying.  You have a good imagination for horror!

I hope too when the weather gets colder. 🥰

I started to play this game and it was really fun and cute good story line but I started to get a little bored as time went on and nothing was happening.  I thought it was going to be a spooky game and the 3 boys were actually ghosts.  But interesting twist in the end from what I read in the spoilers.  It would have been a little more exciting though if there were some spooks. :)

She is just an average girl obsessed with anime till she meets a magical cat that transforms her into a Sailor Moon cosplay character.

Aliens have come to destroy the planet and it's up to you to save it. Along the way you meet another magical girl and this is where I started to get emotional the storyline is so sweet and endearing I couldn't help but almost cry.  You created a little bit of sunshine here and it's lovely!  Thank you for sharing your talent and imagination with us all! ❤

The ASMR in your game is incredible.  If I ever have stress or anxiety I just play Samorost and feel so happy and content better than a cup of chamomile and lavender tea.  I loved the music, the graphics and the adorable gnome and whimsical creatures in this game.  The only con I have is that this game is too short.  

The creepy parts of your game were really scary!  I love how the story unfolded and you kind of started to learn what is going on.  It made the horror of what was happening way more terrifying!  I can't want to see what you create next.

You shouldn't tell people what happens :(

This game me quite a scare at the end, very creepy and I felt so helpless unable to seemingly escape.  I liked your game and hope you finish it as I want to see what happens!