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Sebastian from Now Play This festival here. Congrats on this really cool project - @Yuxin Gao do you have an email I can reach you at? You can also email me at - thanks!

Hi everyone - we'll be hosting the closing presentations tomorrow (Sun March 28) at 6pm on the Now Play This discord at - it won't be streamed live but is open for anyone interested to join. You'll be able to talk about your work on the voice channel and share your screen / or camera if you want to show things.

If you'd like to present, write to sebquack in the discord / send an email to - this helps us prepare the session a bit and give everyone enough time to show their work. Looking forward and super curious to see what people have been working on!

Just a quick update that we'll be doing the mid-jam meetup on discord tomorrow!

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Hi everyone, hopefully you're having a good start of the jam and have some initial ideas are popping up!

Given that we're all spread out, I wanted to give an overview of plattforms you can use if you'd like to find collaborators or discuss ideas about your projects.

  • Feel free to use this forum here on the itchio jam page (you're already here so great :)
  • You can always meet up in the digital festival courtyard on topia (this is mainly good for small groups who want to video chat)
  • We've also set up a channel for the jam on the Now Play This discord, this could be useful for finding each other or chatting and sharing links in real time!

If you have any questions or are interested in presenting your jam project during the sharing moment at the end of the festival, reach out in the discord or email me at