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This is a weird Terraria DLC

Game doesn't work.

Are you fucking serious, there's no local save?

I have a fucking local save but it can't seem to find it.

Try duping your window, the game won't allow it.

Anti Save Scumming, you bitch D:

Shit, I did all the things.

Now I'm sad D:

Gramer iz imporint.

The difference between its and it's

Here's the rub: its (without an apostrophe) is a possessive pronoun, like his or her, for nouns that don't have a defined gender. In contrast, it's (with an apostrophe) is the shortened form, or contraction, of it is or it has.

Yeah I'm short 2 candles.

and it's "busy" not bussy.

It was very whelming.

Certainly more unique than the AD knockoff.

Congratulations!You completed your craft and flew off to your home baseYour final time was: 5.31K

Not sure if that's fast or slow.

Full screening causes an unpleasant noise.
Definitely not from my speakers either, it's really fucking weird.


So is this and steam still being updated?

Cuz a few reviews claim you dun died

Windows 10 or 7, chrome

Switching to firefox, I guess... after google shits themselves over adblocking.

Doesn't load.

Controls respond like a liberal to criticism of Boe "I Suddenly Have The Power To Forgive Student Loan Debt Because of my Rock Bottom Polling" Jiden: Not well.

Turning it off didn't change anything.

Is the text on the items supposed to be illegible?

White text on a light colored background is usually a bad idea.

Try The Pirate Bay.

Calling retarded pieces of shit retarded pieces of shit makes me very happy.

Stupid people should know they are stupid.

This game is shit. The dev is a fucking retard.

"Oh he's making money" Wow I didn't realize that was a metric of intelligence, so sorry, you retarded shitape.

Oh wait, it's fucking not.

Have you considered suicide?
If not, I highly recommend you try it.

(1 edit)

man the full game seems like it was dev'd by a fucking retard

2 heal skills in game, both are shit

3 heal skills in upgrades but you only get 1 upgrade skill per rank

When you inflict Burn, there is a 0.05% chance to heal you for 1 HP.


Heal 1 HP every 90 seconds.


Yeah the devs a bit of a fucking retard.


yeah except getting healing is fucking impossible.

Thanks for the free game, pumpkin.

No steam demo why?

You seem to be a bit butthurt, retard.

I asked that fucking retard for proof

and I didn't get any

So I called him a fucking retard.

Whats deserved is "fuck you".

Well, since I was banned from the steam forums for demanding proof of claims

Guess I'll be pirating your game.

>spent at least 5 hours the first night playing through the tutorial

So like, you dumb or is the tutorial 5 hours long?

Hey, look, it's Bolesh, the Cunning, an ASCII spider boss from Stone Story RPG, an ASCII game on Steam developed by standardcombo.

I'll make sure to share this glowing intelligence with my father who has been an Engineer for over 40 years.

10/10, solid reference.

"You need a screw driver to PICK UP the screws"

Oh sorry, I didn't realize I've been doing it wrong my entire fucking life.

Nice, can't mute the sound and can't see the fucking input boxes.

Ah yes, I remember the slacktivism bundle for feefees and soggy knees.

What a waste of time.

Yeah primitivism is where anti-capitalism in a capitalist society ends up.

Just suck my dick.

Yes, good concept, stealing someone elses intellectual property.