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There's no "true" ending to the game! It's very much dictated by what the player does, so in that respect there's a variety of endings you could end up with. I haven't gotten to the end yet myself, but with as many choices as there are, even just in the base game, I'm sure there's a countless number of endings to reach.

This looks really cool! Kinda disappointing that you apparently can't get the game directly from, though. Like if people are only getting the Steam key + the artbook, not a copy of the game + the Steam key and artbook, then at that point it just seems easier to cut out the middleman and get the game on Steam in the first place.

Because then it wouldn't be a horror game, which is the whole point of DDLC - it's a game that seems like a normal dating sim, but it quickly takes a turn for the worse because of Monika's self-awareness. Also, I'm pretty sure she couldn't add in her own code; the most she could do is delete code or change it. 

No hay una versión oficial del juego para Android. Hay versiones no oficiales para Android hechas por los fans, pero no son compatibles con los creadores de DDLC, por lo que es posible que los puertos móviles puedan hacer que su teléfono o tableta no funcionen más.

I'm pretty sure there's a "play as guest" option. You wouldn't be able to change your name or use free chat, though.

There isn't an ending that has anything to do with Gordy, but both versions of the "origin" endings where Sorami discovers where she actually comes from ("Star Princess" and "Wanderer") do reveal more about Gordy and his family, specifically what happened to his mother.