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Thanks a lot, awesome pack! I tried to import the Shovel in Blender but it didn't work, while I successfully managed to import the other models.

Thanks so much! Indeed I spent some time making it with my own SDL based framework. I highly recommend doing it, since it is an awesome learning experience as well. 

Tahnk you so much for this video and for your feedback! Very appreciated! :)

What can I say? I was planning to work tonight and I spent my time with this awesome piece of art! Graphics is sweet, as well the animations. Game mechanic is so challenging and it's not easy as it seems. Very very well done! It really gives the idea how Santa feels every year :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! About the mobile version: you made me want to make a port actually :) 

Game fits the theme and it's also quite fun to play. Nice the stealth-ish style. Congrats!

This is real gold. Original and so much fun. Can't believe it took just 24 hours! Only downside are the controls, is a little difficult to pick the item you want. Anyway, it's impressive!

Cool idea and nice graphics! A little too difficult maybe? Great entry anyway, good job

Hi! Twitch link? :)

Thanks for your feedback! :)