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I'm sure your main page for the series is chapter 2 now, but I have to say, the lore in chapter 1 is amazing. Especially what each of the characters have to say in the journal. What they hint when talking about each character is something to take note of... like foreshadowing...

Also, here's my guess for the girl's name: Frost (Not expecting a confirmation, just wanted to state my hypothesis in public).

I know the game still has a long way to go before it's ready, but I honestly can't wait for the release. :) It's going to be amazing. 

Will there be an update soon? Not speaking about a new demo, but just a quick mini summary of how everything is going.

If possible, I would like to help with at least translating the script from Spanish to English. But I'm not sure if my skills are enough for the help you're seeking. For English, I understand it completely and can write out a translation fine (I have experience acting as a speaking translator from Spanish to English in the past). I understand Spanish & can read it fine (my weakness is that I'm not the best writer in Spanish). I don't suppose this is enough to help out...?

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Just played Version 1.0. Gotta say the game is really interesting, I wish there was more publicity for it. Have you considered making a page in steam for it? I don't know how it works exactly, but it might grab more attention, and the game is really good. I honestly can't wait for the next update.