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no, not on this channel. I am still working on a better version on my channel/profile.

I recommend that you get rid of the pixelation or add a graphics settings thing, It's really bugging me!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to say that Axis is now officially released and it's not terribly buggy anymore! (Yay!)

What you can do now is:

  • Add physics to your game
  • Be able to pick stuff up
  • change the size and rotation of objects
  • Add textures
  • You don't have to write any code
  • Multiple game management
  • Much more!

Don't forget that more things are coming soon! (Maybe guns and stuff!)

Get Axis here!

Axis logo

Wow! Impressive!

Wow! I'm SUPER Impressed!

that's alright! As long as people can download it, then it's fine!

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good point... I should change it so that it can only be written in C#.

The reason for that is because some coding languages are much shorter than others, allowing for people to have advantages over each other.

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That would be 4. It counts as a line only if it has something on it and if it isn't the start or end of a new function/void/class. The "using" things don't count either (lol, I can't remember what they're called!).

nope! That's all up to you! The only restrictions are that you have maximum 50 lines to make a game/tool/etc. And you only have 24 hrs to make it.

Great name, Micah McGonigal!