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This was great!

Yeah :D

sans owes me a KitKat, in fact 5 of them

I can't wait!

This is great can't wait for the next update!

Yes, got it! Got a partner and a job in one much was that pay?

Ah, ok thanks!

This was a great game! I gotten every ending except for the hidden one, im not to sure how to get that...

3:56.90828 wow

It's a Sakura Plantpet! that doesn't like me...

Nailed it :)

Woo First try!

Great game


Yes I've beaten it well got one ending so far...

Ok thank you!

This is a great game can't get pass the special attack with the rude words any tips on how to dodge that better or anything?

How am I supposed to survive this?

Great got Ending 8 first try!

That was a great game!

Ok thanks!

I got the happy ending...

How do I get different endings?

Also great game!

They guessed Cancer im a Scorpio great game? quiz? whatever you consider it!

That was sad in the end

Great game!

Final ending

I broke the tv

Second ending


First ending

Gave a hopeful speech and resisted

What a great game!

That was AMAZING

I loved this game!

Keep going I know you can beat this

My computer can't process the game anymore 😢

I got all endings (on free version cause im poor 😢) in 30 min!


It's not letting me save in any slots

I can't save

how many endings are there?

Don't worry I did!

It took me days because I lost accidentally send all my money and kept dying trying to get it. (also forgot to save at this one point)

I loved the new chapter! It took me days and there are spelling errors but a great game. Even though I can't figure out the donkey quest great game! Can't wait for next chapter!