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I really liked this. It would be nice to indicate when a crow can see a diamond in real time.

I tried it on a mac with FF 60, also tried it with your resolution of 1366 x 768, no sign of the issue. It might be a race condition or logic error leftover from story mode using click to go through the dialogues, in which case 'quick game' mode should work after refreshing the page.

Apologies Kieran, I've only tested it with Chrome so far. I'll check it when I have access to a computer next week and see if there's something I can do. I actually used Java and libgdx to make this game and it compiles to javascript using GWT, this might be causing issues by generating code that isn't compatible with FF. Thanks for the feedback, I'll find a nicer way to handle resolutions too.

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. It's great to be featured in you article along with those amazing games.

I think this is great. I really enjoyed it. I think it's a good mechanic and you've executed it really well, the art is particularly good.