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BTW, SuperTiled2Unity requires Unity 2018.3 now unless you use version 1.1.7 of ST2U. Thanks.

It sounds like you might have encountered a bug. Can you send me a Unity Package of your project? You must be doing something I haven't accounted for. (

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Hi there. Why are you setting Edges Per Ellipse to 0? That shouldn't be allowed as we need some sensible number of edges in order to approximate elliptical colliders with polygonal shapes. If you have elliptical colliders in your tilesets that you don't want imported can not remove them in the Collision Editor in Tiled?

Hi there. I'm working on a new version of SuperTiled2Unity that will make it easier to replace objects in your maps with prefabs. In the meantime you can try to write a custom importer (which is usually how I do such things).  I don't have much documentation on this but this example on github should give an idea. In particular, `TrackCustomImporter.cs`, is the custom importer doing most of the work.

Hi there, Juan. Two things to look for here:

  • Make sure you are using Unity 2018.2 or later
  • Make sure that Tilemaps is included in your list of enabled built-in packages in your Package Manager (go to Windows -> Package Manager in Unity). It should be included by default with newer projects.

Hi there. Sorry for the lack of documentation. Your tilesets also have a Pixels Per Unit option on them and I'm guessing in your case they are still at the default setting of 100.

Hi there, @lunarsignals. It should work. Any number of layers is supported as well as all the blending modes between them. However, it's always possible that users are trying to do something I haven't accounted for. If that's your case then report a bug to my github issues page and send me your file. I'll try my best to resolve any issues.

Can you export your project in Unity as a Unity Package and send it to me ( I concede the documentation is light but I was also hoping it wouldn't be required. BTW, what youtube tutorial are you following?

Right on. But let me grab a gamepad controller before I try that again. This is Super Meatboy-like difficult! :D

Thank you for the supportive comment. Good luck with your game and let me know when you're ready to show it off. :)

Make sure you are not putting that command string in for what should be the name of the command. The Tiled UI has changed recently and you want to put the command beside the "Executable" field.

Vertex Scale was removed many moons ago and was replaced with Pixels Per Unit. What is the command line you are using to launch Tiled2Unity?