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this is the game of all time


Maybe some form of hazard you have to watch out for? A simple pit fall or something would be nice. Thanks for responding :)

Thank you so much :) im glad you liked it!

Don't beat yourself up over it. Art takes practice. I'm sure with enough time you'll be great at it :D

all good lol. sound design racks my brain too :)

That's coming in the next update. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing :)

I know he said stairs, that was the joke lol.

the gameplay is pretty simple, yeah. what can ya do with 72 hours tho.

I dont think it says how much stamina you have in the description.

yeah, if i had more time i would have gotten actual art for the bar.

I'll slow it down a bit.

I'll make the battle restart when cards get across your board.

Turn limiters were planned. But I forgot until the last minute.

I know it was overscoped, but I wanted a good game.

Go big or go home, even on 3 day jams. Limiting yourself is stunting your game dev growth.

I like the concept. The gameplay could be improved a bit, for example, the angel should be able to flap way more often, it's way too hard to evade with the current movement. Good job!

I don't know how I am supposed to make a portal when I can't get stone. I try to equip the pickaxe and it doesn't work. With more polish, this could be cool. Keep it up.

I liked this :) very simply doodle jump-esque game. Sometimes when I was jumping through a platform all my speed just got dropped and I lost, so a fix for that would be nice. Also the enemies that fall sometimes fall right on you or near you, giving you no time to react, a warning above would have been nice. Good work though!

Way too difficult for my tiny brain. Bullet hells are not my strong suit. The concept was really sick though! I wish the levels were shorter though :/ Good work!

I like the simplistic nature of this game. While I would have liked more of a "game," messing around with the stats is still pretty fun! Good work!

( btw icon changing is Project > Project Settings > Config, then the Icon is near the bottom half of that page, hope that helps :D )

I'd love to see this get expanded on. The scream for when you get hit sounds like a baby and I don't think it fits. Especially with the theming. (Babies shouldn't be getting shot with arrows, my opinion ig) Good work though!

I liked the idea behind this, I feel like the gameplay could have been expanded on a little bit, it gets a little repetitive. Or maybe I just didn't get far enough in? Maybe. Good work though!

Cool little maze game :) I think the gameplay loop could be expanded on, but maybe you just wanna keep it simple, I dig that. Also, you got me with the 1 bit sprites, I'm a sucker for em. Good work!

I liked this one, very good controls and nice visuals. The music got very repetitive though, if it was a longer loop, this wouldn't be an issue, but the 5 second loop just gets to be too much. Good work though!

The concept is really good! I like the idea of having to treat demons because they caught the sniffles lol. I will say, the gameplay got a little repetitive, and there was just too many things happening on screen, it kind of hurt my eyes. I feel like removing the fire background would have been better. Good work!

I liked the idea behind it, I just wish the demons were a little more predictable in their movements, they sometimes just whip around and catch me off guard sometimes. Great work though!

The run was very goofy, made me stick around. The game was a little too difficult though, since the player can't make actual 90 degree turns, so after a while you have to zig-zag through corridors, which isn't the most enjoyable. Good work :)

Thanks :) I was going to add a limited turn count actually, but I wanted this to be as beginner friendly as possible. A future update will entail a turn limiter and new mechanics. Thanks again for playing :)

The art was really good! The gameplay could be smoothed out a little, the jump feels kind of weird, especially with the squash and stretch applying before I leave the ground. Great work!

I liked how this game felt to play. If the art was all consistent, and I was punished for mistiming my roll, this would be a great game. Has potential, 7/10!

A nice small game :) The sprite art could be a bit more consistent though, and the gameplay loop could be improved. Good work though!

I liked the idea behind it. I just wish the towers were stronger. They're pretty weak. I also got pinned by enemies and just instantly died, so that wasn't very fun. Good job though!

Pretty short, and pretty easy. Managed to beat the game by doing nothing. I like the concept though! Good work.

I would have liked that too, but it was already a tight crunch and I didnt have time to add that. It'll be in an update if I ever work on this again. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hi, first of all, I love the game. Nuclear Throne is one of my favourite games and this hits just the same. Secondly, would it be possible to have a portable download? I'm trying to play this at school and I can't install it. (Ain't got no admin) Thanks in advance.

Go for it, I'm super excited to see this game evolve :)

Dude, you can't keep making bangers like this. It's not fair to the rest of us >:( Seriously though, amazing. I couldn't beat the first encounter, but skill issue I guess. Glad to see you submitted, I can never turn down a Prinni game :)

My little brain can't handle this bro :( I love the idea behind it though. Also, having the acronym, instant win. The art could use some work, but other than that, phenomenal job!

Super fun, I struggled a lot with the grid level, idk which one it was. Maybe it's just skill issue tho. There's a few bugs, like if you place the block on a moving one it'll create a bunch of lag, but I'm sure you can work those out. Great job!

Thank you so much :) I have to agree, the aesthetic really pulled the game together. I'm making the game harder in the next update so watch out >:) Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make the buttons more obvious in the next update. I'm glad you liked the transition too :)

Thank you :) I'll let Retrodead know you liked the transition.

Thank you! I'll let the others know you liked the art and music :) Glad you enjoyed!

Very good looking game! The little blocks on the ground are impossible to shoot though :( I couldn't wipe everything out. Overall, I enjoyed.