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Huh, must have just been a one time thing, I'm unable to replicate it. No worries then!

All of the textures excluding the skybox just went black when I looked in certain directions, I'll get a screenshot.

Truly terrifying.

Nice, short, time killer. If the mechanics were expanded on, this would make a great game on something like Kongregate!

The lighting was really buggy, don't know if that was intentional or not, but it did add to the creepy vibe. Nice PSX-style game!

Didn't quite understand it, but that's probably my fault. Seemed like a good concept. Good job!

Got the highest score! Good basic clicker game!

Nice simple infinite runner. Definitely thought the alpacas were something else at first :flushed: but either way a good time killer. Good job! 

Fishes are no match for my little genetic freak. Super fun time-waster, didn't finish it but I'm sure I'd get massive! Good job!

After a while, enemies stopped being a threat lol. My towers are just too strong! >:D Really fun though. Good job!

Lol yeah, idk why it happens, might be my bad, might be Godot's. Who knows.


A) Fix the win text
B) Asteroids just start glitching around me if they get close
C) I win even without shooting all asteroids
D) Spam fire just isn't fun

just used the highest level item and best life regen, kinda carried to the end. :D Very fun and a good time killer!

Thank you for the great feedback!

Thanks! It was really stressful lol, I guess all jams are though. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the amazing feedback! I'll be sure to let my friend know you liked the music! Yeah, the concept was pretty simple lol. The difficulty really just comes down to how fast you can spam. just for you though, I'll add a "Brutal" difficulty, so expect that ;)

Very tiring on the fingers lol. if you hit like three hurdles it's nearly impossible to recover because your speed gets so low you cant make it over any hurdles. Good prototype!


It's pretty laggy, I'd suggest making this an executable instead of a web export.

Good concept! The bhop feels great, level 3 is pretty hard though.

I feel like just one life isn't enough, the enemies' bullets are very small, which makes them hard to see sometimes. Good concept.

So, there's no way to lose, and from my knowledge there's no way to win either. The spikes don't damage you, and neither does falling through the floor lol.

You didn't use the limitation or the theme, so I have to rate this poorly, good game though.

Great game! The map memorization part made me feel really tense, which I'm guessing was the idea. Great use of the theme and limitation!

Super addicting, love the style! Great job!

8/10 i got trolled

gotta make a homeboy's birthday great

Thank you.

Thank you so much!

The first jam I've actually completed! Would've loved to spend the whole week working on it, but stuff came up. Thanks for hosting!

No problem bro!

It's really hard to say the least, the only way I made any sort of progress was via copying and pasting the commands from a notepad. I really like how it looks though! It's super polished, so you definitley have that going for you! Good job!

It's... playable. Looks like the bottom and right of the screen were cropped a bit. But don't lose hope! You'll do great things if you keep at it!

I feel like the forest is a bit too maze like, you feel me? Like maybe make the island bigger and add more space between the trees. But probably the best and easiest to understand game in the jam. Great job!

Wish I could run this, maybe next time add a windows port? Mac is an... uncommon OS. And most people have windows or linux. It looks like a good game though!

One problem, on the introductory level for the linked boxes. If you push the pink block after you rewind it, the purple one vanishes.

I'll explain the dupe to the best of my ability to those who want to know. Reminder, I am NOT a game dev, so I may be completley wrong about this. The dupe happens because whenever a saw touches a box/spring, it gives you a box/spring back and removes the placed one. But if you place a box inbetween two saws, both saws will give you the placed item. This is a dupe preformed correctly. Notice the box will touch both saws when dropped.This is a dupe preformed incorrectly. Notice the box will only touch one saw when dropped, returning only one box.

Hope you found this guide helpful, Bye! :)