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You can't currently rebind the "Interact" key.

I like to use F in my movement keys, but once I do that I can't interact with anything else.

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I think I prefer the old speed. Is it possible to make it an optional change?

I've been playing a few days in game each IRL night and haven't had any trouble finishing the machine section but it has been very intense. Tonight I wasn't even close to reaching red despite many errors.

It's not  a big deal though if the old speed was stopping other people from playing the game.

I just purchased this game and it looks great.

I hope you'll be adding decent control customisation when the "settings" menu is made available. Until then I will be unable to play it.

This looks great. Any chance of getting an invert mouse option to the settings menu?


Thanks. I appreciate the effort

QT community · Created a new topic Invert y-axis

Is it possible to get an option to invert the y-axis? I find it difficult to play these games otherwise.

Recently when trying to download games through the itch app I will often have a game start downloading but give no sign of download speed or progress (despite saturating my bandwidth.)

I've found that if I check the app log, one of two things is happening.

a) The App is ignoring a smaller game I've manually set to the Active Download and continuing to download a large file from a different queued download

b) It is cancelling/bailing out the active download and resuming it again over and over. several times per minute. In this case the download progress (according to the app log) typically involves downloading 200-500 bytes of garbage for every 1 byte of progress. On my current connection this is completely impractical and renders using the store pointless for any non-tiny game that would be frequently updated.


Any chance of an invert mouse option?