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Finished! Now I have the long wait for Briley Witch 3 ahead of me. I'm sad that Grimoire Citadel didn't fit in BW2 -- 5-6-7 feel like a natural unit -- but I'm glad we got a game that good when we did.

The thing you need to do in the interface is really unintuitive. I spent a long time going through every option in the menus before trying the simpler thing. That thing doesn't work on any other bush, and there are at least two things that do work on other vegetation elsewhere that don't work here.

Figuring out a puzzle is great, but this felt more like fumbling with the interface and trying to read the developer's mind without context, and that didn't land well.

But I loved the game, and can't wait until #3!

1.0.3: When Shalott is trying to lead the party on her safe path, Briley's new spells are suddenly gone. (Was one of them needed?)

Also, Alyssa equipping the Ruby Pendant makes the Moon Pendant disappear from inventory.

1.0.3: When Alyssa gathers honey, the dialogue is from Briley.

Also, brewing mint tea and getting Appleshot from Haleigh both silently fail (and consume your ingredients) if you already are carrying 9 of them, rather than tell you that you can't carry any more.

Also also, Alyssa can't refill empty water flasks, for some reason.

Version 1.0.2: The sign for the graveyard (from Fletcher's and the smithy) says "east," when the graveyard is west.

Also, did you mean for the inn in Chaeton to reset all the plants and fish? That sets up an exploitable loop for infinite gold and supplies/equipment....

Congratulations on being BastichB's #1 game for the C64 of 2021!

You need the stepping stones to get the thyme. The cayenne is in a forest where you wouldn't expect to find cayenne peppers.

That's what I tried to do! But it wouldn't let me place the stepping stones. Oh, wait, I didn't notice the matching plants on both sides of the river. That's really subtle.

I beat Kane! But I missed two foxes along the way. And I never did manage to find any thyme anywhere. I found the cayenne just fine, but I looked just about everywhere and couldn't find any hint of the thyme. There's one water obstacle that I thought I had a way across, but my solution didn't seem to work; perhaps the thyme was on the other side of that?

Spelling nit: "Southern Planes" => "Southern Plains." (Unless they're meant to somehow be a separate plane of existence.)

Heh. I had just made a RC potion right before that scene, too.

Wow, what a game! I kept going all the way through dealing with Ghroda in my first sitting, and this is rapidly finding its way onto my "best C64 games ever" list.

I'd love to see a "Briley Witch 2" and "Briley Witch 3" turn up someday, covering the remaining volumes of the series....

Think about what your objective is with this spirit. You had a long conversation with your mentor about them, didn't you?