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There are multiple weapons.

I could not get it properly synced using the slider at the start of the game sadly, I spend about 30 minutes trying to tweak it without victory.

As for the delayed sample, I have a suspicion that the hitsound sample itself starts with a silence in it.

playing on calm is a must, at least that way I have a slight idea of what I'm doing.

I like the general idea of the game but it is far from polished enough to be playable from my perspective, I especially had a lot of issues with syncing the beats, such as the hitsound not being instant and thus being offbeat.

My head, ouchie >.<

the idea is there but most of the times the woll phased through the logs?

very neat

its pretty neat but without a way to win whats the point? all the audio was panned to the left wich bugged me.

i coudnt figure out how the game works and what it wanted from me

its quite an addicting game, the only problem is that you get thrown into it without any real explanation of what everything is, youre left on your own to figure out what everything means and that felt pretty harsh and not so fun. love the idea, couldve used some more work!

the idea of the game is there, I felt that the lack of explaining about the situation of the game and the mechanics confused me and that made me enjoy it less, its also very short!

I like how the game works, its simple, interesting and entertaining. however, because of alot of bugs (getting stuck in random corners) and the lack of explanation of how things worked it was less enjoyable. the music could've also gotten more work!

the idea was very good in my opinion but the execution was a bit poor. i didnt initialy understand what to do and that took me a while to figure out and it felt too hard to play wich impacted how much fun i had.