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Fun little game, thought you could certainly tweak things to make it more exciting. Comments at the end of the video.

Regardless, thanks for the fun :D

my lord I could not figure this one out to save my life!!

May revisit, until then, here is some game play :)

This will teach you to cheat on test in school....

Thanks for the fun :D!

The RUN of this guy is crazy spooky. 

Thanks for the fun ;D 

This is a game full of self trickery. Assume everything, but do not assume anything at all. Hopefully that makes sense ;D

Thanks for the fun!

I was seriously expecting this ending!

Thanks for the fun :D!

The game is so uncomfortable to play but the message is very real and it happens every day. Thanks for this <3 

Had I actually had someone to play with this game would have been a lot more fun, obviously. Haha thanks for the laughs anyway! 

This was A LOT of fun, I played both versions. Good stuff! 

I really wish there was more spookiness to this one, but I do understand it was made in a couple days and you were a tad limited!

Regardless, I hope to see more spooks from you in the future! :) 

This has left me in a twist! Thanks for the fun :) 

I loved, loved, LOVED this game!!


Thanks for the fun (:


Thanks for the fun :D!

I loved trying to figure this game out and to me it makes sense in my own way. Even if it is totally different, I would love to hear the devs thoughts on it! Thanks for the fun :)

I am still trying to fully understand the story, but it was a relaxing adventure through the past.

Thanks for the fun!

Those doors had me nervous! 

Thanks for the fun :D!

If you are looking for a goofy game to get a laugh out of, this is the one for you! I wish there was more direction but other than that I had a fun time! 

Thanks for the laughs devs!


This was so cool!! I cant wait for the rest of the short stories!! I'll be making videos for all of them :D!!

This was fun figuring out! Thanks for the game and fun (:

I was REALLY not expecting this game to end the way it did. I had a fun time :)

My play through:

This was a short and sweet horror experience! Loved the story. Thanks for the fun!!

My play through:

I had a blast playing this game, thanks for the fun (:!

MY play through: