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Hey there!

Just released an old prototype I made for a simple building game/tool! Would love it if you can go check it out, give some feedback, all that wonderful stuff! It is quite barebones, but if I manage to find the project files or decide to remake it from the ground up, your ideas could very well become part of it!

Thank youu!

I've got a lot of other projects going at the moment, so I haven't started work on remaking this yet, but that will be hopefully coming this year!

Really? Wow tbh I'm not sure what could've caused that. It should be just a rar file, maybe you haven't downloaded it properly? Otherwise that's not the game's fault, I'm pretty certain.

why did i reply with this lmao

mustve been pissed about something that day

Idk is it

Aw thank you! Unfortunately the android version I made temporarily was very poorly optimised and basically ran very slowly. As of now I've lost the files to the game project altogether, but I am working on a new version that would definitely have an android port as well!

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I do have plans for an actual game aspect of course, but for now I'm gonna be remaking the entire thing with different models and such that would allow for more features like that + would be better as a suit maker obviously

Thank you! Glad you finally got to play it!

Yes, it is in fact a .rar archive. You'll need to exctract it and run the game from there.

Would be sick for sure! Also thank you so much, glad you liked it!

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Hey there! I'm sorry but this game is not built for the Switch in the slightest. I don't know where you got the idea that it was but I'll have to disappoint you.

Thank you so much! I certainly will!

I for sure will add design elements from it whenever I get to expanding the collection. I love the way Insomniac approached all of the suits in the game and am definitely looking forward to incorporating them into the project!

I love that idea and have definitely thought about it. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as simple as we both would like. I might try and have an actual gameplay aspect in there, but it's a huge undertaking and if I ever get to it, I want to get it decently right.

Thank youu!

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Yeah well I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and I can't convert the executable. The game is in the middle of somewhat of a revamp at the moment and a lot of the fearues don't work and I can't really use it in this state to compile it for 32bit PCs and unfortunately I don't have backup versions of the project. I'm sorry for that, I will make sure to build the game for both types of systems as soon as the updated version is out. For now, I suggest trying out something like the solutions listed in this article. Once again, I apologise for the wait and am super grateful for your patience and itnerest. Cheers!

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Oh wow..

Touche. What I uploaded now should work fine, please let me know if anything's wrong.

Oh wow I hadn't thought about that. I'll get to it!

Thanks! I do plan on hopefully improving both of those aspects one day, I agree they need some work

Hello everyone! Since it's quarantine time I decided to take on a short project and release in about two weeks. And so here it is!

The game is called Tic-Tac-A-Tron and it puts you in the shoes of a tic tac, whose on a rampage of eating other tic tacs known as littelmen™ and tumbling and destroying things in their city. Your giant grows more the more littelmen™ is eats and gets stronger by doing do! There are 5 secret character tokens for you to unlock by finding them around the tiny little map I've made and play as iconic giant rampaging monsters! (plus 1 more, if you're from my country you'll greatly appreciate)

I worked quite a bit on this and any feedback and ideas wold be very much welcome! There's infinite room for expansion on this and I'll make sure to use that opportunity in the near future, so - stay tuned! Thanks for checking out and stay safe, you all! <3

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The game is still somewhat of a prototype so any feedback is welcome! Any bugs, visual issues, even feature ideas - shove em all here in the comments!


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Spider-Man Suit Factory is an early stages prototype for a Spider-Man character creator and, possibly, in the future - a fully fledged game

Through the use of iconic Spidey suit elements, colour customisation and preset options you can craft the ultimate suit for harnessing great power with great responsibility.

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