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Appears to perform as advertised.

Thanks, looking forward to trying it on MacOSX (or even RPi).

Happy to help with beta testing if that's a thing.

I have not used a VM so I cannot add much there.

Really wishing this ran on a Mac ...

That is truly awesome. Thanks for creating and sharing that!

Does this run on 64bit MacOSX?

Is there any plan for a Mac port of PixelCNC?

If so please let me know how to get on the waiting list.


Looks cool but does not run on MacOSX Catalina. May need an upgrade to 64 bit 

Correction - "The photo studio gives you a great opportunity to ogle your creation, and to show it off. That was an unexpected feature that adds a really great touch."  (@_@)

Here are some additional thoughts, fwiw.

The breakdown into parts is excellent. Trying to build structures like formers from smaller parts would be too much, I suspect. I think the detail is about right. Adding three screws to each instrument left me with blisters on my hands from turning the screwdriver:) That is a nice touch, but perhaps one area with more detail than really necessary. The myriad of steps and parts adequately conveys the complexity of one of these machines. When one considers that all of those parts had to be fabricated to begin with, the thought of actually building one of these is daunting. Actually, the thought of constructing all of the 3D models, coding the construction interface, not to mention painting, is daunting! Nice job; very well done.

Assembling the model is interesting and educational, as it illustrates the primary components and how they were arranged. The pop-on attach points are very useful, and the pop-on screw icon indicating you are near, turning green when aligned, is excellent. Initially I was mildly frustrated when trying to align the parts to the assembly in progress, until I realized that the intent is to align the assembly to the parts. After that things went smoothly. I did have some difficulty with the feul tank pump handle, but that was mainly beceuas I had not yet learned to zoom in/out. (I am not sure that the help text describes zooming.)

Painting the model was, for me, too much effort to do it in much detail. The capabilities that the interface offers are impressive; various tools, tape, mixing paints, etc. If you enjoy painting models then this is for you. For me personally, drying, curing, taping off, spraying, etc was to much effort. What I really wanted was a solid black plane with some iron crosses. In the end I got one, but it was a lot of work. I cannot imagine trying to paint lozenges. For me personally this all felt like too much work. On the other hand, however, if one wanted to recreate a historic paint scheme, or design a detailed new scheme, then the tools to do so are certainly there. Just be prepared to spend some time mastering their use.

The photo studio gives you a great opportunity to agle your creation, and to show it off. That was an unexpected feature that adds a really great rough. Nicely done.

So if you are an early flight, or WW1 aviation, enthusiast then this is a very worthwhile purchase. I have not contructed all of the models, which I expect have subtle variation is construction, in addition to paint schemes. Furthermore, I have not fully explored all of the interface. So it is likely that I have not discovered all of the interesting items, and likely that there exist ways to do things I hoped to do, that I have yet to discover.

Nonetheless, here are some features I was looking for:

* Ability to copy a completed model, to have 2 of them, in order to repaint one. I.e., to not need to build a second one in its entirety.

* When painting a model the ability to just paint a solid color base coat would speed things up, for me anyhow.

* When applying decals to a model the ability to enable symmetry so that placing a decal on one wing also places the corresponding decal on the other wing. The same for the rudder and fuselage. Trying to align the decals to appear symmetric on both sides of each structure was difficult and I never felt that I had done the job adequately.

* When in the photo studio it would be nice to be able to load multiple models so as to have a squadron, etc. If multiple types of plane become available then the ability to arrange dogfighting scenes would be well worth having.

* An export feature would be nice, allowing the models to be imported into 3D modeling/animation tools and used in various other projects. I'm not suggesting exporting all of the detailed components of the assembly, just the completed model polygons and textures perhaps in .obj or .collada format. 

In any case, apps/games rarely inspire me to write reviews or leave feedback. This one did. But I'm going to stop now so I can go back and finish another model:)

Yes, zoom works; thanks. I didn't find it listed in theinstructions. Where are the screenshots saved on MacOS?

Just tried the demo, then purchased the full app. Very nice, great detail. One suggestion so far is it would be nice to paint the entire plane with a solid color base coat without having to spray it all. Maybe you can and I just didn't figure it out. Another is that it would sometimes be useful during construction to zoom in/out. Also when rotating during construction to rotate about the center of projection, rather than just (what I assume to be) the origin. Anyhow, looking forwards to a Sopwith Triplane and more!

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Hmmm... Should something happen besides a pink pig with spining hearts?  On MacOSX.