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So glad I finally came along to this - well done and thanks to all the people involved!

Lovely few minutes exploring - linux 64-bit build works fine for me, just had to go into the directory and run "nw". Thanks!

So nice, simple and inspiring - I love the reflections in the pool :)

This is amazingly well put together, and nowhere near enough comments here to push people into playing/reading/experiencing it. Well worth setting aside 15-20 minutes for, when you have the time and space to dedicate to it.

Lovely few minutes. Thanks for not beeping out the word "piss" too.

Played this after Norwood Suite, and found myself just wanting to hang out at times, watch the conversation flow and enjoy the tunes. Wishing this place was real.

Short enough to sting, sharp enough to be remembered. Many thanks for this, very powerful.

Just to say I'm running this via itch+wine on Linux (latest Ubuntu) currently. Had to kill it after switching to another window and back, but keyboard controls worked fine on first run-up.

Great game, btw!

Many many thanks for this - short and sweet, such a lovely atmosphere to it.

Very nice! Got sucked into this very quickly and enjoying it a lot - it did freeze, so here's the error message from the console in Firefox:


Uncaught RuntimeError: index out of bounds





index.js line 180 > WebAssembly.instantiate:1461026:1

Not something I would normally pick up but that feeling of the darkness inside cars and the long line stretching out in front of us is common and strong. I enjoyed this a lot with the YouTube playlist piped through headphones and the night outside waiting patiently. Many thanks!

Brilliant - thanks! Loving this game!

I think I have oopsed in the first few minutes, and put a rock and a drill under the crafting machine - now I can't pick them up again. Is it possible to delete a save file at all so I can start again?