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thank you!

thanks so much for playing my game on your stream! i was pretty busy for this round but mining will definitely be the first thing I add if I make it to a round where I have to expand in this.

I was a bit busy so I wasn't able to make much. Hopefully make it to another round and I can expand on my game then.

Thank you! I'm hoping to add mining in a future round (if I make it)

Yeah that's sort of what I was hoping to make.

I wanted to add in digging but I was a bit busy. Thanks though


Thanks! I hope to make more of the game!

Thank you!

thanks! every once in a while a bullet refill will spawn. i am aware of that bug that makes it so you can only play one round. i will fix it once the jam is over.

fun little game! nice job!

super cool game! the music is great! the art is super nice, not sure how well it fits with the geometricness part of the jam, but it looks super cool so who cares!

nice job! the game is really fun and extremely challenging.

super fun game! the music is great! this would make a really fun mobile game if you decided to expand on it and add in some more features.

super cool! it got really annoying though when you had two lines that were similar in size and then had to completely restart. great job though, a very fun entry!

fun little game! it would be much better with sfx and music. there is a lot of potential with a little game like this!

nice job! the game looks nice and i really like the music. its fun to play for a few rounds and its really challenging.


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thanks for your feedback! every once in a while a bullet refill will spawn that will refill your bullets. im not sure what happened with upgrades not working after you reload, ill look into that after the jam.

this is super cool! you should definitely continue working on the game after the jam ends! great job! 

It's free now!


thanks! you can download the game for windows and mac by the way!

you can download it for mac and windows!

yeah i will diffidently change the gameplay if we have to expand on it in a future round 


haha nice. there are probably many bugs because i was quite busy and didn't have much time. i also knew i would change the gameplay if i had to expand on the game in a future round.

this is definitely going to be game of the year 2022

very cool! i can see a lot of potential with this

beautiful game! it was super fun!

awesome game! there is one bug though. when you turn white you can see the bottom of the black spikes on the white platforms.

very fun game! the art is great and so is the music! there is so much potential for this game!

thanks for your feedback!


thanks! ill be sure to play your game!

nice game! the sensitivity of the mouse in the menu is a but high though and the sfx in the opening scene is extremely loud.

this is a great idea! its very fun and the art, music, and sfx are great. Great job with this game!


super cool!

this is an amazing game! the music and sfx are great and so is the art style.