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Why is this the whole movie

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I personally don't agree with paying money for a game that you can only play online in the browser unless there's a very good reason to make you do it. If it's, say, an MMO or something like Kind Words that depends on user generated content to do what it does, I think it makes sense. But usually, the expectation that I have as a player when I buy a game from here is that I get a copy to format shift as I please and store for as long as I like. So if there's a way to do this that disrupts this as little as possible for me personally, I think I could get behind it.

In short, I tend to think of and prefer Itch as a "DRM-free" store, and allowing developers to sell browser games without a download link might get rid of that quality for me.

I think a good compromise that would make the DRM-free camp happy could be bringing the desktop client's browser game download functionality over to the web client for paid games.

The download link is 22 bytes? I think you may need to reupload it

I just noticed the "created with GB Studio" banner on the package so maybe I was a bit too harsh :p

This is otherwise a pretty good port, but the delay on shooting is very very slow; almost a half-second! It definitely hampers playability a bit.

Can't you also distribute it paid on itch and offer the previous versions as a "demo"?

Yea; that's the way I do it. It gets a little tiring having to keep tapping down sometimes, though

Just a suggestion, but is there any chance you could make soft drop a little bit faster in this game? It feels rather slow playing without hard drop on

Thanks. And I'm using PC.

I can't install the game through the Itch client because there are "no compatible downloads found". Would you fix this please and thank you? c: