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The greatest game with POGs in it since POGs

Really an amazing shmup that finds a unique balance between being easy to play but difficult to master. The score multipliers you accumulate make combos all the more intense to maintain and death all the more painful, as you lose your multiplier bonus upon death.

 An especially fun, approachable and challenging game when it comes to the scoring, And there's so much room for gradual advancement in high score that you wont feel like you've hit a massive wall like in many other shmups. I get a little better with each run, they feel meaningful and its very satisfying to finally spawn in that certain golden enemy thats been eluding you.

Massive, powerful and varied weapon choices, enemy variety, beautiful art, unique mechanics, crazy score potential, low barrier to entry, and a very receptive and passionate dev make this game truly one of a kind.

No it was PC. I remember the error saying something about trying to translate a bool into a string? I should have screenshotted it but I was uhhhhh in a "certain mood" at the time lol. I'll launch it again with a focus for bug hunting and give you more information about it if it happens again.

Daaaang I had the game crash on me twice, right after you do the hug thing with the neighbor girl and transition to your room. 

Awesome dude! You've been in the game a long time and it's time for you to get noticed for REAL. 

I love the theme here. Right off the bat Ill say that the little tutorial dialog boxes show up every time you walk in that area, feels kinda like a bug.

I like the update, but it still doesnt save my setting for the length of the score screen at end of stage. It seems like everything else saves correctly now, the keybinds and ship speed settings, so if you could fix that last bit I can stop having to navigate to the options every time I boot the game.

How could I make this fullscreen on windows 10? The game is crashing when I try to run in fullscreen

Not the dev but this was definitely Unity. You can tell by how its packaged.

This is the culmination of decades of accumulated roleplaying wisdom. A real treasure! 


This game is badass, but a HUGE problem Im having is that I cannot get the settings to save, or the highscores. Theres multiple types of saving and I do them all, and the game will hold my settings a few times, but then at random seemingly I open the game and the controls are changed, not even their defaults! Just different! And the highscores wiped, AND my unlocked ships RE locked! Like wtf! Its annoying as fuck to have to remap the controls every other time I boot up the game.

Hey that worked!

It says to press A.. and i press A and nothing happens.. I press all the keys on my keyboard and nothing happens.. How do I start the game?

what size tiles are these?

I rambled this planet as hard as I could, but was still shy 9 or so parts. Still, used my nukes to become a warlord and things turned out pretty nice. This a game for serious ramblers, bumping into things fifteen times sometimes to yield a part lol. In other games I'd be frustrated, but the world is so colorful, interesting and compelling it's all good.

YOURE great! :3

Adventure Game Studio. It's free and open source!

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I cannot BELIEVE the effort put into this! It's right up there with Humongous Entertainment titles in terms of animation quality... And DOZENS of people worked on those games, not even counting the voice actors. Dang, as someone who is also making a horror game in ags with prerendered 3d graphics I'm... Super jealous but also super inspired to work harder on my project. I'd love to chat with you sometime, pick your brain about some of the techniques you use here, are you on discord?

If you're on windows, there should be an application in the game folder that lets you tinker with the graphics settings. Like 'winsetup' or something.

 As someone well aquatinted with the engine Andyland is using (I've got a demo out for a game using the same engine) I can vouch that a game with this quality of animation would easily take two years to make. It's taken me two months just to make a single level with not nearly as good animation.

Ah, well glad it's still alive though! I watched a video from like, three years ago that brought me here so wasn't expecting a 3d remake at all!

Are any of these downloads Wayfinders?

Wow! That's the first time someone has done a playthrough of one of my games, thank you!

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I LOVE this! Cant wait for the ability to save to be in the game. Still havent made it past the first level of the forbidden dungeon though...

Edit: FOund a bug that seriously wounded my spirit with this game. I had some badass armor, a two handed axe that did 63 damage, was killing corpse spiders and undead in two swings. Had the bronze key and went through the relevant door. An undead came out with a two handed hammer and we swung at each other at the EXACT same time. My weapon flew from my hand, fine but THEN I WAS STUCK STANDING straight up! Couldnt move, attack, or do anything at all except watch the undead kill me... It made me so sad I dont think Ill be able to give this another go for a good while.

Dreams?! That's crazy! Using 3d scanning is amazing though. I got inspired enough by this to start working on my own pre-rendered graphic point and click, check it out!

Well thank you for replying anyways! Yes, Supreme with cheese works well in windowed mode (and I use a screen magnifier to basically get it fullscreen :)) so I am glad for that! And thank you for the discord recomendation, Ill check it out right now!

Hello Mike, just wanna say that I grew up with this game and Spooky Castle and Eddie Galaxy and they were my favorite video games for a long time! Super dooper glad to see these on itch, but Im having a massive issue I hope you or someone can help with; Im getting an error that says "MGL Fatal Error, Cannot find graphics mode" 

Ive tried running from cmd prompt with window, tried compat settings galore, even googling the error gives me no exact duplicates of the error at all. Im on windows 10, do you know anything about fixing this?

Holy crap this game looks good. There's literally nothing like this on itch, I play this demo 5 times now just to scrutinize the environmental design, textures, and that scrolling grid effect that gives a semblance of squirming movement to the filth. Would it be possible for you to outline your process? Or at least what sort of software you are using for these environments?

Unfortunately this one crashed on me like 3 times at different places.. and I kept forgetting to save!

Hands down the best story-telling I've seen in an adventure game in a long time! I was audibly gasping at parts, and met the ending with applause. Such a gem, this game.

8 gigs ram, AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU, AMD Ryzen 5 345OU 4 core CPU 2.10 GHz

Unfortunately its not very well optimized. I can't even play it it lags so bad, even with all the settings lowered. Looks really badass though on the video!

It's called the OHRRPGCE (Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Creation Engine) Come check us out on discord or something!

I love it so far, retro platforming nirvana! And as a man with a thin, patchy beard, I certainly relate to TimTims initial plight. Where'd that sick banner art come from?

Dont forget the shrimp and crab!

What system did you download for? Im not the OP but I use this engine so I may can help.

If I buy this game, soes it come with the excellent pencil art shown in the trailer?

Wow! Thanks, yeah the more I look the more game maker is looking really nice.

This looks awesome, I love the drawn graphics. Would you be willing to divulge what engine, if any, this was made in?