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yep 👍

This game is freakin AWESOME Aktane - seriously fun, addictive and scorechasingly-superb. Caravan modes got me started playin shmups and this is right up there!

I can understand you feeling like that as I didn't really consider the balance too much. I knew it started out pretty tough and the final boss is perhaps too easy compared. I'll keep that in mind in any future shmups I create, I'll try and get more of a flow and curve down - thanks for the constructive feedback, very much appreciated!

Thanks for playing Hefka, cheers for the comment too!

Thanks for playing, appreciate the positives!

Thanks Clement! Really appreciate you giving it a look my friend.

Enjoyed playing through this one, kept my interest till the end! Very upset by the powered down respawns though haha

Nice art and music, really liked the starbase levels - well done!

Cheers Aktane - really appreciate all the feedback and support during the process (and well done on creating the most addictive pico8 game I've played too!)

Freaking awesome game! Love the ost, gameplay, addictive scoring system and there's a practice mode to boot, so I can die at the same point as many times and as quickly as I like xD Seriously though I think this is my favourite hori stg - I'm playing so many others but this feels like home - great work hitp!!!!

This is great - you could really expand on this to create some interesting loops

This is great! Love the art and iso view, good music and fun mechanics. Really enjoyed playing through this - well done!

Nice concept! Good difficultly level too - keep up the good work!

Still running! I must've hit a glitch as my character is still going now... gonna leave him running a while (I'll let you know how far he gets!). This'll be cool when you get time to polish it a bit. Really misses sound, but I like the graphics and the idea too.

Pretty tough to play, I like the concept though.  It took a while to get used to the mechanics and I occasionally lost my paddle for a while! Atmospheric music adds to the game. I think improving the physics and level design (or a tutorial/super easy level) would make the initial difficulty less frustrating.  It's got some good ideas in there, nice one.

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Nice game - I was entranced for about 1/2 an hour got as far as making excalibur... Is there an end game?

Like the aesthetics and feel, cool music too!

Nice game - super chilled music and UI sfx, liked the sheep sound too. A couple more visual indicators would have been nice (stun etc) but artwork was spot on other than me wanting more!  Fun to play, although I couldn't get onto level 7 (I'm not great at strategy games), great job that fit the theme, all done in a week! Well done to all the team.

Wow this was tough - took me ages to get onto the red characters! The blue orb sfx was a little loud compared to the others, but I thought the sfx worked well overall. Nice graphic style, well presented.  The physics worked well, I liked the kick back from fireing projectiles.  My only gripe was the difficulty, but maybe I need more practice.  

Cute graphics,  intro music and funny sfx.  Nice 'get out' on the theme at the end too!  Wise guys eh!

Cool idea, a high score or something would make it more interesting (for me at least!).  Good work using javascript to produce this in such a short amount of time, it plays really nicely.

Nice atmosphere - cool graphics too. Enjoyed the torch mechanic and how it affected the map.  

The music/sfx for this are so good! Couldn't stop playing so I could hear them again.  They're so abstract and different - really cool to hear something new (old tech - new soundscape is what I mean). Game is neat too - kept trying to figure out the pattern on the shrinking walls (to no avail).  Good job.

Nice game - really like the physics and feel of the balloon.  Difficulty seems about right for an intro - I want more levels!

Great fun - love the mechanics and music.  Really good ideas in this that could be developed into something really interesting. Nice work!

Great game - simple, nice physics feel, satisfying and fun.  Well done!

Seriously enjoyed this game the first time I played it.  Just came back for more this morning - I love the whole feel of the game, really polished and consistent to say it was made in a week! Well done!

That was fun - it took me ages to realise there was a Right (--->) and Left (<----) directional keys as well as the gravity ones!  I know it's on the first page but I didn't see it! Skipping the tutorial as always.... Other than my stupidity I enjoyed the game - the SFX were cool too - very fitting and not too annoying - well done. Freedom!!!!!!

Really enjoyed playing this - it made me want to get to the highest level I could, kept me interested with new game mechanics, great sound design and music.  Quality game all round.

This is tough but very addictive and fun! That timer is just right... (although I've cursed it many a time by now!).  Nice little tune too :)

Strangely enjoyable game! Like the music and physics - it'd be nice to have more puzzles utilising the difference between the black and blue platforms.  Also I couldn't seem to access the co-op and vs. mode? I managed a score of 163 but not sure how that was totalled??? A fun little game :)

This was fun - enjoyed a quick blast! Is it balanced in favour of the player slightly? Seemed to win most of the battles quite easily.... 

Great little game, fun puzzles, nicely designed, great art work, sound design and music - fitting of the theme too :)

Great mechanic, some nice variation on the 'levels'. Well done :)

Like the mechanic, atmospheric music works well, fun to play too.