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That was fun - it took me ages to realise there was a Right (--->) and Left (<----) directional keys as well as the gravity ones!  I know it's on the first page but I didn't see it! Skipping the tutorial as always.... Other than my stupidity I enjoyed the game - the SFX were cool too - very fitting and not too annoying - well done. Freedom!!!!!!

Loved this - great idea, music, story and intuitive mechanics!

Really enjoyed playing this - it made me want to get to the highest level I could, kept me interested with new game mechanics, great sound design and music.  Quality game all round.

This is tough but very addictive and fun! That timer is just right... (although I've cursed it many a time by now!).  Nice little tune too :)

Strangely enjoyable game! Like the music and physics - it'd be nice to have more puzzles utilising the difference between the black and blue platforms.  Also I couldn't seem to access the co-op and vs. mode? I managed a score of 163 but not sure how that was totalled??? A fun little game :)

This was fun - enjoyed a quick blast! Is it balanced in favour of the player slightly? Seemed to win most of the battles quite easily.... 

Great little game, fun puzzles, nicely designed, great art work, sound design and music - fitting of the theme too :)

Great mechanic, some nice variation on the 'levels'. Well done :)

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Like the mechanic, atmospheric music works well, fun to play too.