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Hold backspace

Hold backspace.

I hope you do realize that:

It was made in 10 hours

It was made for a game jam.

Actually surprisingly moddable, was first able to make the Yak a rocket with 128 guns, then managed to add my own model to the game, 10/10

Nukes already create fallout and deal a load of damage, isn't that enough?

Cruise Ship

Is this the whole game or just the mod

Replace the game's original files with these files

I can remember seeing a screenshot of this on the Rail Route Discord.

Nice game!

Not .example, .executable

Just go to the bin folder and run minetest.exe

Enemies go for the best path, even if there are turrets

You need to click it and select the item you want it to output

Sounds like the Austrailium Wrench to me.