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heres the bit in the walkthrough about the ships and stuff: 

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Hey so I was taking a look at the walkthrough and read the bit about the harbor ships and about how you can ride them to different places Im guessing your talking about these ones?(image in replies) I honestly thought they were background stuff because every time I go up to them and hit enter, they do nothing. Am I missing something here

Thanks so much for the heads up, however does this mean I'll miss parts of the story line aswell if i use the pre-packaged save file? I really don't want to miss important lore cut scenes, but If i'm going to miss them with the set save file then in that case I can just start over. Thanks for the info though.

Hey so i've recently completed the  0.15 public story line and noticed that both the scene with dolpho and foxot said work in progress and the scene its self didnt actually play. That im fine with, the bit im worried about it that they didnt show up in the rewatch building, like I havn't unlocked them. Will I be able to "re-get" these in the future? 1, So I can actually see them and 2 so that they count and completing the gallery? Thanks

ah my bad

If it's the first time, there's a loud growl and Lace says like "this is scary, Im leaving". other than that I can't seem to find anything else to do here? Has anyone else done this yet? thx.

I can't figure out what I have to do when you get to the door behind the waterfall in the light forest. once I get there it's only water and some spooky music? 

I made it too the same area, if you have a tissue on you, you can clean up the wine spill, but other than that I haven't been able to find anything else to do there. I know there has to be more to do there, I just can't find anything though.

Thanks a bunch! I totally missed this dude

I've gotten every gloryhole character except the bottom one on the left hand side, the "journey of a pink dragon" one. Is there something specific I have to do? Or interact with a certain NPC to unlock them? Or do I just keep spamming gloryhole until I get them? thanks in advance.


anyone figure out how to get other endings? i can only get the sad one :(

Is anybody eles wondering why this is a bit sheep racist? Lmao

Ohhh thanks so much! Now I can play my games without goose-y interruptions.

how does one *ehem* disable him without uninstalling? I just wanna play slime rancher man.

idk if other people are getting this but no matter how many time I start or restart the level, I can't move. I tried w,a,s,d, nothing, I tried the arrow keys, nothing, I also tried two different keyboards! still nothing. If someone could tell me what's going on with that, I'd highly appreciate it.