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Really surprised me with the control scheme :) Simple and cool idea

We've fixed the issues with the trash can not accepting items (would you believe it was all caused by one letter of code?) If you are experiencing this problem, please download the game again, and it should work fine!

Hey Friends! We're now on Steam Greenlight! We need your help to earn us a spot on the largest game distribution store on the web. Just head over to our Greenlight page and leave us a 'yes' vote!

We're back with our second update!

Hey Friends! If you've been having trouble running the game so far, please download version 1.2 and give it a try! We've made some serious performance optimizations and the game should be much more playable on lower end computers.
We've also fixed a bug in our resolution scaling, which will now work properly on all displays.


To keep you all updated on our progress, we are almost done designing the Kickstarter campaign, which we hope to have launched soon. Nichole is working on concept sketches for the new areas and characters and Scott is recording video for the pitch. We've planned out a bunch of fun Kickstarter exclusive goodies and opportunities to leave your mark on the game forever. Once it's up you can bet that there will be links everywhere!


Scott is still optimizing the game to run better across the board, and is wrangling in the saving system, which is much harder to make last (oops).

We are planning to release the full version on Mac as well as Windows. We would love to export the current Demo to Mac as soon as possible, but with GameMaker Studio 2 coming out so soon, we would like to avoid buying the Mac export twice in case we adopt this new engine (both engines have separate exports).


We have decided on 5 themed areas for the final game, with some of the main plot points of the story arc mixed in.

You know that blue orb from the beginning of the game that gives you super cool blacklight powers? We have more of those coming!

Glad you liked it Collinator!

You actually encountered a really weird glitch where the game seemed to crash but keep some data saved in memory which was re-loaded when you started the game over. Interesting results but completely unintended haha. Also good job on those secrets! We may be having a "Create your own secret" option available for our Kickstarter campaign for the full game.

Thanks, Pixels!

Glad you enjoyed the game! Don't feel bad about the final door, it's pretty hit and miss with people. Having videos like yours actually helps give us some insight into how people approach these puzzles, so we can improve our designs.

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Hey Mcyawgi!

I found what causes the crash and it's getting fixed soon.

Your video was hilarious! You let's-players come up with the funniest voices for the characters. After working on something for so long it's really validating to have someone laugh at the same parts of the game that made me laugh from back when we were still making it, so thank you :)

Thanks for the paste!

I've added this bug to my list and I'll be fixing it very soon.

Good catch Juha!

I've checked the box now, glad you enjoyed the game! We've been ironing out the concepts for the full game and should have more details available soon ;)

Absolutely love the style. Voxels, smooth animation, and beautiful particle effects. Good job!

Hey Lithiums, thanks for the question! I just downloaded and played the game on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Could you tell me which part specifically you're having trouble with?: downloading it, unzipping it, or just playing it? Also are you using Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10?