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It was actually made with LMMS, but I was aiming for a similar kind of retro sound. I've created other music with LMMS though, if you want to check them out:

This should work with any screen, although I can't guarantee that the graphics will fit the screen correctly, since the PicoSystem build assumes that the resolution of the display is the same as the PicoSystem (for example, the game may not fill the whole screen).

There are two worlds, each with four levels, and then a bonus larger level (split into two for the PicoSystem).

I've added the source code for two different branches. The Scorpion Skirmish version has more features, but is also more buggy.

I'm not sure I can, however it uses Python and Pygame, so if I can find the source code, I'll upload that as well, which you should be able to run if you install Python.

I'm probably going to make a new editor soonish, which will have more features, better output file formatting and cleaner UI. It'll probably be made using C++ which means it'll be cross-platform, and I should be able to compile it for Windows x86 platforms.

You need to press U to select it, but if you're talking about the web version, it sometimes has issues capturing input - I found that clicking on the narrow grey border around the game fixed it for me.

U and Z are both mapped to the 32blit's A button (on Qwerty layout, I'm not sure about other mappings). 

Many game jams (e.g. GMTK) allow users to use a minimal amount of code which has been prepared beforehand (for example, I'd like to use SDL, and have created wrappers to handle keyboard input and UI stuff like bezier curves and text). There's nothing on the rules which mentions this (as far as I can tell).

I'm not talking about code which is designed/made for the game, just the basic stuff which other game engines (e.g. Unity) would already do for you.

Thank you, I hope I'll be able to add a lot more levels in different biomes (my next idea is a cave-themed world)

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I'm actually planning on making it possible to jump up onto background blocks from below, but it can be a bit confusing at the moment.

EDIT: I've added it - you can now walk on background tiles.

32blit provides a basic SDL2 wrapper, but it's probably more barebones than pygame, so all features had to be coded myself - the 32blit tools provides basic asset handling and rendering, as well as button input. This game is designed for 32blit, which is why web or executable versions may be a little different/harder to play, but at least web builds allow people without a 32blit to try it :)

All my other games (which aren't for 32blit, that is) are done in pygame, but this is C++, you're correct :)

I've released the first of my small games for the 32blit console! If you haven't heard of it, it's a great new handheld console which you can make games for in C++ and Lua, as well as even mod the hardware!

I've been learning C++ as I make these games, and I thought I'd share them, along with the windows versions, to get people's feedback.

I hope you enjoy; more will be added very regularly. If you want to check out the source it's on my Github page.

Thanks! Please let me know what you think of it :)