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Love the weird, eerie creepiness :)

What a fantastic concept, and beautifully executed. This is the third game of yours that I've played, and while I adored the other two, this one has got to be my favourite for its unique and innovative use of the medium. Reminded me of "This Is How You Lose The Time War", if you've ever read that (if you haven't, read it - it's short and beautiful). Anyway, excellent work. Hope to see more from you :)

Deliciously creepy!

I've been meaning to play your games for a while, and I'm glad I did. I played with this in the background and it was perfect. The core idea is gorgeous, it's well-written and implemented, and weirdly it managed to give me closure about a situation where real closure will never be possible. Might have shed some cheeky tears :') Thank you for making this, and well done for the impressive, high calibre work!

Brilliant! Fantastic writing, excellent narrative design. I wish it continued!

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Wonderful! A simple but all the more effective (and affective) metaphor that felt made this medium in more than just the literal sense. I loved the physicalisation of the branches, the having to literally walk that mental path. I know it's a different myth, but it got me thinking about Wait For Me II from Hadestown. A perfect little game.

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Wonderful game, Prestyn. Really, really wonderful. A simple yet effective metaphor that packed real punch. Perfectly succinct. Great job.