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This feature is broken when the browser game is password protected. The new window opens up into a 404 page.

This game is so CUTE! I love the illustrations and little evil tasks you get to do. It reminds me of parts of the Ratatouille game. Except you're a rat causing problems on purpose.

Having the run button mapped to the left shift button only felt a bit awkward, it would have been nice to use the right shift so I could comfortably play with two hands. But overall very enjoyable experience, would poison customers again.

I tried to play with a wired Xbox controller on the 64bit macOS version, and noticed that I could only navigate menus but not press buttons. Tried the tutorial but it only let me move around, I couldn't do any other actions, and then when I pressed Esc to pause and then tried to press the Quit button, the quit button didn't do anything. I had to force quit the app. I checked my plugin that lets me use Xbox controllers and it works just fine for other games, so it's not my computer. This game looks really cute but I will have to play later when I feel like a mouse and keyboard game. I think you should remove the Xbox controller input from the store page.

What a wonderful game! Downloaded it one morning and played only to realize I'd done 50 levels! The atmosphere is just so nice.

Will the Mac version come to itch? I know it's on Steam and was hoping to be able to play through here.

The games are fun if challenging, and the animations for the transitions are super cute. But when opening the mac build, there were some bugs.

  • Dev console is showing
  • Trying to maximize or fullscreen the window doesn't work (it just force-resizes back to a tiny tiny window unless you manually resize it by dragging the window w the mouse). Dunno if this is intentional, but if it is a much bigger set window size would be appreciated.
  • The exit button, red exit button on the window topbar, and command+Q also doesn't exit the game (I had to force quit).

Nevertheless, I'll keep playing. Perhaps I will defeat chef ramsey some day.....

Thanks for looking into it! Your game looks really cute & I'd love to be able to play it.

Am I supposed to be able to get past the paint the frog screen? I click finish but nothing happens. The buttons also run off the screen so idk if there's a button next to finish or not. I'm running the mac build.

!! Oh of course!! It's what Miss Jepsen deserves. Looking forward to it!

Hi, I haven't played this yet but I just wanted to say that I am so absolutely stoked that there are TWO carly rae jespen TTRPGs. Bless you.

Hi, this game looks lovely, but I'm not sure how to play it on Mac? Is there a certain software this runs on that I'm not aware of, because I cannot open the executable file.

Hey, thanks for checking out our game! We weren't going for a creepy vibe with the music, but I guess it comes across that way when the cat chases you, haha. Congrats on beating the game, enjoyed watching your playthrough.