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This is incredible.

Excelente! Bom trabalho

Thanks for playing and reviewing!

If you don't mind me asking, could you elaborate on the problems observed with collision and movement (and a few more haha)?


Planning on building a linux version? You are developing on Unity, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask :)

This is really sweet and beautifully made. Well done!

Played it a bit, and loved the whole aesthetics and feel, really nice work congrats. My only advice is working on the controls, they can feel a bit finicky (and needing reverse camera haha). Well done overall, superb work :)

Hi, looks gordeous! Is there anyway to invert camera rotation?

well done

Glad you liked it :)

And no problem, thank you for the asset!

Thank you! Be sure to give a feedback as how the multiplayer goes, I didn't have a chance to playtest it lol

but.. but.. you are the dog

hey, webgl is crashing here, it says to alocate more memory on the engine settings. Downloaded it and its great though!

hi this is perfect you great congrats

Amazing work, well done

Superb work

Hi, Scharma from the Tazmen discord here. You have a solid base for a game here, with some core mechanics going on and graphics nicely set up. I had, however, some major issues:

- There's no major hit marking, I can't see when I'm taking damage, as the only tell is the sound effect, that get overwhelmed by all other (louder) sound effects on the game.
   * An example of this, for the longest time I thought you could use enemies as platforms like Mario, because I didn't notice any damage being marked. Probably a health bar would fix this,

- Damage was a core mechanic to advancing on the level, however the life bar size was too restrictive, and you had to get the tighest gameplay as to preserve life at the ending (and the level seemed waay to big to keep reseting progress, maybe checkpoints and/or health pickups?).

- Wall jumping animations seemed like a must here, but I get you couldn't make them on time.

- The camera didn't show me enough! I kept being damage by stuff I couldn't see while jumping, turning many situations into leaps of faith.

- You could have got a music on! There's lots of free chiptune songs on!

On general, always glad to see a solid project on such a little time! These hints may have seemed harsh, but my only wish it to help another gamedev on the design, as I am , myself, on the start of a long road on my game designing journey! Well done :)

Fun and gloriously goofy.

I had some trouble with my first couple playthrougs, the controls seemed unintuitive, and tripping everytime on banana peels wasnt exactly fun. However, the charming art kept me going, and I eventually learned how to better juggle the flail, and it got quite engaging! I do wish the learning curve wasnt so steep, and the slipping sound effect got pretty old (maybe some pitch variance?)

Great project all around!


Ok you should probably try this

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Some fool apprentice violated the terms of summoning, and didn't bind correctly Andras, the demon of anguish. After wiping out the entire temple, its your job to banish this demon back to the underworld, before it causes more damage.


Sanctify your dagger by pressing LMB on the holy water fountain, only then you can damage Andras.

Make sure to be careful, and hide on the bushes.

Game made in 72 hours for Tazmen Game Jam.


Rafael Vital @rafavla32

Tássio Miranda @isittacio

Danilo Ribeiro @scharma