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Hi, Scharma from the Tazmen discord here. You have a solid base for a game here, with some core mechanics going on and graphics nicely set up. I had, however, some major issues:

- There's no major hit marking, I can't see when I'm taking damage, as the only tell is the sound effect, that get overwhelmed by all other (louder) sound effects on the game.
   * An example of this, for the longest time I thought you could use enemies as platforms like Mario, because I didn't notice any damage being marked. Probably a health bar would fix this,

- Damage was a core mechanic to advancing on the level, however the life bar size was too restrictive, and you had to get the tighest gameplay as to preserve life at the ending (and the level seemed waay to big to keep reseting progress, maybe checkpoints and/or health pickups?).

- Wall jumping animations seemed like a must here, but I get you couldn't make them on time.

- The camera didn't show me enough! I kept being damage by stuff I couldn't see while jumping, turning many situations into leaps of faith.

- You could have got a music on! There's lots of free chiptune songs on!

On general, always glad to see a solid project on such a little time! These hints may have seemed harsh, but my only wish it to help another gamedev on the design, as I am , myself, on the start of a long road on my game designing journey! Well done :)

thanks for the criticsim I don't know if I will improve it in the future but will take your advice if I do.