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Your files say invalid upload. 

Awesome game my friend

Have you ever dreamed of winning $100,000? Want to ever to attempt it? NOW YOU CAN!!!! At Jon Jon Games Speedway you can win $100,000 to beat your opponent to win $100,000. Your enemy might crash you. Race To $100K The Game

You broke? You better get a job or find a way to earn money. They are not making it free. They need the money to make improvements on the game. 

they released an update which it contains uncensored version 

damn. Exactly.

Better purchase by having money on you. 

its their game. if its original. they can sell the game for the price they want. this is also on Steam and GameJolt. Are you familiar of the phrase "Take it or leave it"? That means you can take the prices the way you are or leave homeboy. 

The thing is he has to ask permission cause he has copyrighted Grinch show in the game but he has to remove copyrighted stuff.

Right click and click Extract files if you have 7Zip or WinRar obviously 

I saw Dashie Played this and You forgot to put invisible walls in so the player doesn't fall off. 

I almost broke my headphones after Marge scared the fuck out of me. But good game. 

Ok, The graphics are horrible, the jumpscares are not that scary. there are glitches (LIKE A BUNCH OF GLITCHES) The game is laggy for recording and streaming. You need to add more quality resolution.  the game just needs to be more improved for better experience. 


Somehow I managed to find Baldi from Baldi's basics in Arthur's nightmare.  I think it's a glitch. 

Thanks for the heads up.

Hello everyone, Slender Angry  Grandpa will be released on  June 21, 2018! This is dedicated for Angry Grandpa. RIP Angry Grandpa (1950-2017). 

He was confused about every 3rd math problem lol

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What's with every 3rd math problem for every Math problem solving? it's confusing.